Cable Cubby 1402

Series/2 Cable Access Enclosure for AV Connectivity and AC Power
Key Features
  • Accommodates one AC or AC+USB power module, plus three Retractor modules, eight AV cables, or three AAP™ AV Connectivity Modules, per side
  • New Slim, double -sided enclosure is 2” (51 mm) shorter than previous model, making it ideal for conference tables, desks, lecterns, and other work areas where space is at a premium
  • Patented modular design for fast assembly and serviceability
  • Retractor Bracket, Cable Pass-Through Bracket, and AAP Bracket included; Retractor modules, cables, and AAP modules sold separately
  • Retractor Brackets hold three Retractor or Retractor XL cable retraction modules
  • Connectivity Bracket supports up to three single-space AAP modules
The Extron Cable Cubby 1402
Model Version Description Part #
Cable Cubby 1402 Black with US AC Power Modules 60-1708-02
Cable Cubby 1402 Black AC Module Not Included 70-1185-02
Cable Cubby 1402 Brushed Aluminum AC Module Not Included 70-1185-08

The Cable Cubby® 1402 is a double-sided, furniture-mountable cable access enclosure for AV connectivity and AC power. The redesigned enclosure is 2” shorter than the previous model, providing increased under table clearance. It is ideal for applications where a central enclosure is required. Each side of the enclosure accommodates one AC or AC+USB series power module and includes mounting brackets for cable retraction modules, AV cables, or AAP™ AV Connectivity Modules. Cables and AAP modules can be installed or serviced from the top of the enclosure. The Cable Cubby 1402 features an integrated clamp system that secures the enclosure without additional parts or tools. Power modules are available for the US, Europe, and other major world markets. The Cable Cubby 1402 is available in a black anodized or brushed aluminum finish.

The Cable Cubby 1402 is equipped with a number of Extron-exclusive, integration friendly features for fast assembly and installation. The integrated clamp system quickly secures the enclosure to the furniture surface without tools. Simply install the enclosure in the opening, slide the clamp up to the surface, and then rotate the cam to lock the enclosure in place. A lid damper ensures smooth, quiet operation that complements installations in high end conference rooms and boardrooms. The enclosure’s shortened height beneath the table is ideal for semi-permanent folding tables in modular spaces. The Cable Cubby 1402 includes standard connectivity brackets for mounting up to three Retractor modules, three AAP modules, or up to eight AV cables, per side. The AV connectivity brackets can be positioned to the left or right of the selected AC power module. For design flexibility, the optional Cable Bracket Kit and Retractor Bracket Kit allow AV cables or Retractor modules to be mounted to the left and right of the selected AC power module. The brackets are sold in pairs; each bracket supports four AV cables or two Retractor modules.

The enclosure’s patented modular design allows cables and AAP modules to be installed or serviced from the top of the enclosure after it is installed. The Cable Pass-Through Bracket features a unique, split-ring design that facilitates cable installation while eliminating the need for separate cable grommets. AC Power Modules are available for the US, Europe, and other major world markets. Most AC 100 Series AC Power Modules provide two unswitched AC outlets. An available Multi-Region AC outlet is compatible with a variety of AC plug types. To support the growing use of laptops, smartphones, and tablets in AV presentation environments, the optional AC+USB Power Modules provide one or two AC power outlets, and two USB power outlets for powering or charging. Cable Cubby enclosures are UL/c‑UL listed and CE compliant. Installation routing templates and other accessories are also available.

To quickly customize AC power and AV connectivity selections for a Cable Cubby 1402 installation, the Cable Cubby Builder is an interactive tool that guides the user through the selection of AC power modules, AV connectivity, cables, and installation accessories. As you build your Cable Cubby, a bill of materials is prepared automatically. When you’re finished, the Builder allows you to review your Cable Cubby and make any last minute changes before placing your order (dealer login required).

Included Accessories

Mounting Brackets Capacity Per Side Quantity Included
Connectivity Bracket (1) AAP Frame or Cable Pass-Through Plate 2
AAP Frame (3) Single-space AAP modules 2
Cable Pass-Through Plate (8) AV cables 2
Retractor Bracket and Pin* (3) Retractor modules 2

*Note: For horizontal mounting applications, Retractor Horizontal Mounting Bracket Kit, part #70‑678‑00, is required.


Note: For complete compatibility information on supported AC plug types, see the Multi-Region AC Outlet Compatibility Guide, available online at

Check local electrical standards before installing.

  AC+USB 300 Series Power Modules AC+USB Power Modules for Cable Cubby Series/2 Enclosures
  AC+USB 200 Series Power Modules AC+USB Power Modules for Cable Cubby Series/2 Enclosures
  AC 100 Series Power Modules AC Power Modules for Cable Cubby Series/2 Enclosures
  Cable Collar Kit Collars in Assorted Colors for Easy Cable Identification
  CableCover Under-Table Cable Bag for AVEdge and Cable Cubby Series/2 Enclosures
  Installation Routing Templates For Cable Cubby Series/2 Enclosures
  Cable Cubby Series/2 Connectivity Bracket Kits Supplemental AV Connectivity Brackets for Cable Cubby Series/2 Enclosures
  CCM 155 Cable Cubby Series/2 Mount for Flex55 Device Modules
  Retractor Series/2 Series/2 Cable Retraction System with Speed Control for Cable Cubby Enclosures
  Retractor Series/2 XL Extended Length Series/2 Cable Retraction System with Speed Control for Cable Cubby Enclosures
  MLC 62 RS CC MediaLink Controller for Cable Cubby Cable Access Enclosures


Cable Cubby® 1202 and 1402
   Power supply (optional) 
      US AC module 125 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 12 A max total
   Mounting Furniture mount
   Min./max. table thickness 0.50" to 2.50" (13 mm to 63 mm)
   Enclosure type Metal
   Enclosure dimensions 
      Cable Cubby 1202 
         Top plate (outer rim) 10.57" W x 4.58" D (269 mm W x 116 mm D)
         Surface cutout (inside rim) 10.00" W x 4.00" D (254 mm W x 102 mm D)
         Enclosure depth 4.46" H (113 mm H)
      Cable Cubby 1402 
         Top plate (outer rim) 10.57" W x 7.42" D (269 mm W x 189 mm D)
         Surface cutout (inside rim) 10.00" W x 6.75" D (254 mm W x 172 mm D)
         Enclosure depth 4.46" H (113 mm H)
   Product weight 
      Cable Cubby 1202 
         Enclosure only 2.4 lbs (1.1 kg)
         With AC module 4.1 lbs (1.9 kg)
      Cable Cubby 1402 
         Enclosure only 4.0 lbs (1.8 kg)
         With AC modules 7.4 lbs (3.4 kg)
   Regulatory compliance CE, RoHS, WEEE
      US configuration* UL, c-UL
   Product warranty 3 years parts and labor
    NOTE     *The UL listing is only valid when the Cable Cubby contains the US AC power module.
    NOTE     Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Panel Drawing

Panel Drawing
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