MHR-6 Retired

Six Conductor MHR - Mini High Resolution Cable
Key Features
  • Six 26 AWG, 75 ohm coaxial conductors in a single jacket
  • High resolution video signal distribution
  • Plenum, NEC CMP-rated cable
  • 500 ft (152 m) spool
The Extron MHR-6
Model Version Description Part #
 MHR-6/500 Non-Plenum 500' (152 m) spool 22-128-02 Retired
 MHR-6/1000 Non-Plenum 1000' (305 m) spool 22-128-03 Retired
 MHR-6P/500 Plenum 500' (152 m) spool 22-130-02 Retired
 MHR-6P/1000 Plenum 1000' (305 m) spool 22-130-03 Retired

This product has been retired.

Extron MHR-6 Series Cable utilizes six miniature high resolution coaxial cables in a single jacket. This cable is lighter, smaller in diameter, and more convenient to install than standard coaxial cable, yet still offers excellent video performance for carrying high resolution signals.

MHR-6 Cable is ideal for applications using RGB signals, such as routing computer-video signals via interfaces, switchers, or distribution amplifiers to projectors or monitors. This cable is easier to pull than multiple, single-BNC cables. The plenum-rated MHR-6 cable is comprised of six conductors for RGBHV and composite video signal distribution. Each conductor is a 26 AWG, 75 ohm, color-coded, coaxial conductor, and wrapped in a single jacket.