Five Conductor MHR - Mini High Resolution and Two Shielded Twisted Pairs Cable
Key Features
  • Five 26 AWG coaxial and two 22 AWG STP conductors
  • RGBHV video & audio/control signal distribution
  • NEC CM rated
  • Spools of 500 feet (152 m)
The Extron MHR-5STP-2
Model Version Description Part #
MHR-5STP-2/500 Non-Plenum 500' (152 m) spool 22-175-02
MHR-5STP-2/1000 Non-Plenum 1000' (305 m) spool 22-175-03 Retired
MHR-5STP-2P/500 Plenum 500' (152 m) spool 22-181-02 Retired
MHR-5STP-2P/1000 Plenum 1000' (305 m) spool 22-181-03 Retired

The Extron MHR-5STP-2 features five miniature high resolution coaxial cables and two shielded twisted pair cables conveniently combined into one integration-friendly jacket. MHR-5STP-2 cable is smaller in diameter than standard coaxial cable, yet flexible, so it is easier and less time consuming to pull than multiple single-BNC and audio/control cables. This cable offers excellent performance for carrying high resolution video and audio/control signals.

MHR-5STP-2 Cable is ideal for applications requiring RGB signals plus 2-channel stereo audio or mono audio plus control signals. The MHR-5STP-2 Cable carries red, green, blue, and separate horizontal and vertical sync on five 26 AWG, 75 ohm, coaxial, color-coded conductors that are combined in a single jacket with two color-coded 22 AWG shielded twisted pairs.


  CTU 300 Four-in-One Coax Crimp Termination Tool
  BNC Male MHR Mini High Resolution Cable Crimp Connectors 75 Ohm BNC Crimp Connectors
  Replacement Ferrules for BNC Crimp Connectors Ferrules for MHR BNC Connectors
  Replacement Pins for BNC Crimp Connectors Gold Plated Center Pins for MHR BNC Connectors
  Replacement Sleeves for BNC Crimp Connectors Nylon Sleeves for Male MHR BNC Connectors
  CTU 100 Extron Universal Compression Tool
  Compression Coax Prep Tool Coaxial Cable Stripper for MHR, M59, RG59, and RG6 Compression Connectors
  BNC Male Compression Connectors-Nickel Nickel Plated Connectors for MHR and M59 Cables
  MHR Strain Reliefs Strain Reliefs for MHR Crimp Connectors


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Shipping Dimensions and Weights
    Part # Height Width Depth Weight
    22-175-02 10.0" (25.4 cm) 16.75" (42.5 cm) 16.75" (42.5 cm) 44.2 lbs (20.05 kg)

Panel Drawing

Panel Drawing
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