2 Input, 2 Output Dante Audio Interface - Decorator-Style Wallplate
Key Features
  • Two mic/line inputs on XLR connectors insert audio onto a Dante® network
  • Two line outputs on a rear panel captive screw connector extract audio from a Dante network
  • Dante audio networking provides a wide range of expansion capabilities
  • Dante Domain Manager and AES67 Support
  • Studio grade 24-bit analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters selectable up to 96 kHz
  • Compatible with Extron WPD 100 Series wallplates
The Extron AXI 22 AT D
Model Version Description Part #
 AXI 22 AT D 2x2 Dante Audio Interface, Decorator DDM/AES67 Blk 60-1517-12
 AXI 22 AT D 2x2 Dante Audio Interface, Decorator DDM/AES67 Wht 60-1517-13
 AXI 22 AT D & WPD 102 XLRM AXI 22 AT D & WPD 102 XLRM Kit - Black 60-1942-12
 AXI 22 AT D & WPD 102 XLRM AXI 22 AT D & WPD 102 XLRM Kit - White 60-1942-13
 AXI 22 AT D 2 In, 2 Out Dante Audio Interface - Decorator, Blk 60-1517-02 Retired
 AXI 22 AT D 2 In, 2 Out Dante Audio Interface - Decorator, Wht 60-1517-03 Retired

The Extron AXI 22 AT D is a single-gang decorator-style audio interface for integrating two mic/line sources onto a Dante®-enabled audio system. It features two XLR audio inputs and switchable 48 volt phantom power for connecting and powering condenser microphones, plus gain controls for each input. The AXI 22 AT D also features two line outputs on the back for routing any two Dante channels from the network to the analog input of a destination device, or connecting into an optional secondary wallplate with two XLR outputs. The AXI 22 AT D interfaces with any Dante-equipped audio processor, such as an Extron DMP 128 Plus AT, over a standard local area network, and can be powered through PoE. This allows a single network cable connection for bidirectional audio and power from a central equipment rack.

Easily Provide Remote Connectivity into Audio Systems

The AXI 22 AT D accepts two analog mic/line sources, and digitizes them at 24-bit for output via Dante. It is connected into a Dante network over Ethernet using standard IP networking protocols. This avoids the effort and expense of pulling long analog mic/line cables from an audio processor to each wall, floor box, or furniture location. Audio system designers can easily design an audio system with AXI 22 AT D wallplate interfaces throughout a large facility, each connecting back into a central equipment location over a standard network infrastructure.

For additional integration convenience, AXI 22 AT D wallplate interfaces can be remotely powered through Power over Ethernet - PoE, using Extron XTP PI 100 and XTP PI 400 power injectors, network switches equipped with PoE, or midspan PoE injectors.

The AXI 22 AT D can accept any two audio channels from the Dante network and deliver them through its two line outputs on the back. These outputs can be connected into an amplifier, or an optional, single-gang Extron decorator-style wallplate with two XLR audio outputs. The XLR outputs are ideal for recording, or an ALS - assistive listening system.

Dante Audio Networking

Dante enables audio system scalability over a local area network using standard Internet protocols. The family of Dante-enabled products from Extron work together as part of a complete networked audio system solution and integrate with other Dante-enabled products to create efficient, scalable system designs. They accommodate a range of audio routing needs in a variety of applications.

Setting up a network of Extron Dante-enabled products, including the AXI 22 AT D wallplates, requires Dante Controller software. Dante Controller is used to easily assign an output from an AXI 22 AT D to an input on a Dante-equipped device, such as the Extron DMP 128 Plus AT. Similarly, an output from a Dante-equipped device can be assigned to appear at one of the line level outputs on an AXI 22 AT D.