AXI 016

Sixteen Output Audio Expansion Interface
Key Features
  • Adds 16 channels of line level analog output to a DMP Plus Series system
  • Connects with a shielded CAT 6 cable to the EXP expansion port on a DMP Plus Series processor
  • Supports DSP systems that integrate a DMP Plus Series and a DTP CrossPoint
  • Front panel signal, clip, and port LEDs
  • High signal density - 16 analog outputs in a compact 1U, half rack width enclosure
  • External Extron Everlast™ power supply included, replacement part #70-1174-01
The Extron AXI 016
Model Version Description Part #
AXI 016 16 Output Audio Expansion Interface 60-1690-01

The Extron AXI 016 is a half rack width, 16 output audio expansion interface for DMP Plus Series audio DSP systems. The AXI 016 connects to EXP expansion port of the DMP Plus Series, adding 16 outputs to the matrix. Since all of the high performance, low-latency DSP occurs within the attached DMP Plus model, no separate configuration is needed for the AXI 016. The AXI 016 audio expansion interface also supports audio DSP systems that integrate a DTP CrossPoint® matrix switcher.

Offering 16 analog outputs, in a compact 1U, half-rack width enclosure, the AXI 016 provides a powerful tool for AV system designers to create DMP Plus systems that support larger distributed audio applications that were previously not possible using a single DMP Plus Series DSP processor.

Expanded Routing Across a Single ProDSP Processor

The DMP EXP expansion port allows the AXI 016 to be linked together with a DMP Plus Series unit via a single shielded CAT 6 cable. This expands the matrix output by 16 channels, allowing larger distributed audio applications to be configured with less hardware. Designers can create flexible, advanced output signal management scenarios expanding the capabilities of a single DMP Plus Series processor. The DMP EXP expansion port on Extron DTP CrossPoint® matrix switchers allows an integrator to greatly expand the number of available audio outputs for a new or existing DTP System.

Flexible Routing Within the DMP Plus Series

The DMP Plus Series features an extensive mix matrix allowing all outputs, including the 16 expansion bus outputs used by the AXI 016, to be discretely sourced and routed from any input. When used with a DMP Plus Series AT model, Dante audio sources can also be processed and routed to the outputs of the AXI 016.

Easy-to-Use DSP Configurator Software

The power of ProDSP is easily harnessed with the DSP Configurator Software. The flexible on‑screen layout offers fast access to all of the digital audio signal processing tools. Designers can quickly get a snapshot view of the entire audio system, including processing blocks and routing assignments, all at once.


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AXI 016
   Frequency response 20 Hz to 20 kHz, ±0.2 dB
   THD + Noise <0.01% @ 1 kHz at maximum level
      Digital In to Analog Out >115 dB, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, at maximum balanced output (unweighted)
   Crosstalk <-90 dB @ 20 Hz to 20 kHz, fully loaded
Audio output
   Number/signal type 16 mono (or 8 stereo), balanced/unbalanced
   Connectors (8) 3.5 mm captive screw connectors, 6-pole
   Impedance 50 ohms unbalanced, 100 ohms balanced
   Nominal level -10 dBV (316 mV) or +4 dBu (1.23 V)
   Maximum level (Hi-Z) >+21 dBu balanced or >+15 dBu unbalanced
EXP port
   Transmission Proprietary
   Connectors 2 RJ-45 connectors
   Inputs 16 channels Rx
   Outputs 16 channels Tx
   Audio format Uncompressed, 24-bit, 48 kHz
   EXP cable Shielded CAT 6 up to 10 meters (1 foot cable included)
   Power input requirements 12 VDC
   Power supply External
Input: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Output: 12 VDC, 1.5 A, 18 watts
   Power consumption 
      Device 7.2 watts
      Device and power supply 7.5 watts
   Temperature/humidity Storage: -40 to +158 °F (-40 to +70 °C) / 10% to 90%, noncondensing
Operating: +32 to +122 °F (0 to +50 °C) / 10% to 90%, noncondensing
   Cooling Convection, no vents
   Thermal dissipation 
      Device 24.3 BTU/hr
      Device and power supply 25.6 BTU/hr
      Rack mount Yes, with optional 1U high rack shelf
      Furniture mount Yes, with optional under-desk mounting kit
   Enclosure type Metal
   Enclosure dimensions 1.66" H x 8.68" W x 6.00" D (1U high, half rack wide)
(43 mm H x 221 mm W x 153 mm D)
   Product weight 1 lbs (0.5 kg)
   Vibration ISTA 1A in carton (International Safe Transit Association)
   Regulatory compliance 
      Safety CE, c-UL, UL
      EMI/EMC CE, C-Tick, FCC Class A, ICES, VCCI Class A
      Environmental Complies with the appropriate requirements of RoHS, WEEE
   Product warranty 3 years parts and labor
   Everlast power supply warranty 7 years parts and labor
    NOTE     All nominal levels are at ±10%
    NOTE     Specifications are subject to change without notice


Panel Drawing

Panel Drawing
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