AVEdge 100

Edge Mount Enclosure for AV Connectivity, Data, and Power
Key Features
  • Attaches to the tabletop surface without cutting
  • Ideal for configurable rooms that require semi-permanent AC power and AV connectivity
  • Integrated tool-less clamp system
  • Accommodates two double-space AAP AV Connectivity Modules, Cable Pass-Through Brackets for up to eight AV cables, or three Retractor cable retraction modules
  • Unique, split-ring Cable Pass-Through bracket design allows up to four cables; each
  • AVEdge enclosure is UL/c-UL listed
The Extron AVEdge 100
Model Version Description Part #
 AVEdge 100 Black, AC Module Not Included 70-1128-02

The Extron AVEdge™ 100 is a cable access enclosure designed to mount onto the edge of a tabletop surface where cutting the surface is not desirable. An integrated clamp system secures the enclosure to the tabletop surface without the need for tools or additional parts. The AVEdge 100 accommodates two double-space AV connectivity modules - AAP™ AV Connectivity Modules, Cable Pass‑Through Brackets for up to eight AV cables, or three Retractor cable retraction modules. AAP power modules are available to provide USB and/or AC power for mobile devices and laptops. The optional CableCover minimizes cable tangles and accidental disconnects. The Extron ZipClip 100 and ZipClip 200 are also available to mount products such as the PS Series Desktop Power Supply directly to the enclosure. The AVEdge 100 is available in a black finish.

To quickly customize power and AV connectivity selections for an AVEdge installation, the Connectivity Builder is an interactive tool that guides the user through the selection of power modules, AV connectivity, cables, and installation accessories. As you build your AVEdge, a bill of materials is prepared automatically. When you’re finished, the Builder allows you to review your AVEdge and make any last minute changes before placing your order (dealer login required).

Included Accessories

Mounting Brackets Capacity
(2) Cable Pass-Through Plates, included (4) AV cables each
(1) Retractor Bracket, pin, and clip; included (3) Retractor retraction modules
(2) AAP Bracket; included (2) Single-space AAP AV Connectivity Module each