ASA 204

Quad Active Audio Summing Amplifier with RCA Inputs
Key Features
  • Converts stereo audio to balanced or unbalanced mono audio
  • Stereo inputs on RCA connectors, mono output on captive screw connectors
  • ±6 dB output gain switch
  • Rack-mountable 1U, quarter rack width metal enclosure
The Extron ASA 204
Model Version Description Part #
 ASA 204 RCA Input 60-552-30

The Extron ASA 204 is a high performance Audio Summing Amplifier that converts two-channel stereo audio signals to balanced or unbalanced mono audio signals. It is ideal for summing stereo signals for use in mono multi-speaker PA systems in churches, halls, arenas, stadiums, and other environments where stereo signals would result in cancellation.

The ASA 204 offers four independent, active audio summing amplifiers in a single enclosure. It converts stereo audio signals from four different sources to mono audio signals and includes switch-selectable gain to achieve different output gain levels. The ASA 204 accepts unbalanced stereo input signals on RCA connectors and provides balanced/unbalanced outputs on captive screw connectors. This high performance summing amplifier enables long cable runs and immunity from interference and noise normally associated with the use of unbalanced audio equipment in professional integration projects.

The ASA 204 is housed in a 1U, quarter rack width metal enclosure, is easy to install in small spaces, and is rack and under-desk mountable. It can also be mounted at the projector using the Extron series of PMK - Projector Mounting Kit products.