ADA 2/GLI 350xi Retired

Two-Output RGBHV Distribution Amplifier With Built-In Ground Loop Isolator
Key Features
  • Eliminates hum bars and common mode noise
  • Two output RGBHV distribution amplifier
  • Active differential amplifier for electronic noise cancellation
  • 350 MHz (-3 dB) RGB video bandwidth, fully loaded
  • Horizontal frequency range of 15-135 kHz
  • Compatible with RGBHV, RGBS, RsGsBs, and RGsB video
The Extron ADA 2/GLI 350xi
Model Version Description Part #
 ADA 2/GLI 350xi Two Output RGBHV with GLI 60-230-03 Retired

This product has been retired.

The Extron ADA 2/GLI 350xi is an active one-input, two-output RGBHV distribution amplifier with an integrated GLI 350xi ground loop isolator. It eliminates video hum bars and common mode noise caused by improper grounding in video systems, and provides ground loop isolation for a variety of signals, including RGBHV, RGBS, RsGsBs, RGsB, component video, S-video, and composite video. The ADA 2/GLI 350xi is designed for applications in rental and staging, convention centers, hotels, large office buildings, and other environments where ground loops and video signal interference may occur.

Ground loops arise when there is an electrical potential difference between two inter-connected electronic devices, such as when a projector and its signal source(s) are powered from two different power-ground systems that are separated by a significant distance. This causes a loop current to flow between the two pieces of equipment, resulting in hum bars-- 50-or 60-cycle noise that is best described as a series of thick background bars that roll vertically through the displayed image.

The ADA 2/GLI 350xi provides electrical isolation for systems where it is impractical to connect all equipment to the same ground. Offering RGB video bandwidth of 350 MHz, the ADA 2/GLI 350xi is housed in a compact, one-quarter rack width metal enclosure with an attached, external universal power supply.