AC+USB 200 Series Power Modules

Power Modules for Cable Cubby Series and Select TouchLink Enclosures
Key Features
  • For use with Cable Cubby® Series and select TouchLink® enclosures
  • AC power outlets available for US, Europe, and other major world markets
  • New AC+USB 244 US provides a total of up to 4 A / 20 watts of power
  • Non-US versions provide two 5 VDC USB power outlets and up to 3.0 A / 15 watts of power
  • Available multi-region AC outlet is compatible with a variety of AC plug types
The Extron AC+USB 200 Series Power Modules
Model Version Description Part #
 AC+USB 244 US, Cord 2US AC & 2USBA, 12 A Breaker, Integ PS, 2 Outlets 60-1890-01
 AC+USB 244 US, Conduit 2 US AC, 2 USBA, 12A Breaker, Integ PS, 6' Conduit 60-1890-20
 AC+USB 212 EU Europe (1) AC & (2) USB Outlets 60-1384-03
 AC+USB 212 FR France (1) AC & (2) USB Outlets 60-1384-06
 AC+USB 212 IT Italy (1) AC & (2) USB Outlets 60-1384-07
 AC+USB 212 DK Denmark (1) AC & (2) USB Outlets 60-1384-09
 AC+USB 212 MULTI Multi-Region (1) AC & (2) USB Outlets 60-1384-10
 AC+USB 212 AUS Australia (1) AC & (2) USB Outlets 60-1384-04
 AC+USB 212 SW Switzerland (1) AC & (2) USB Outlets 60-1384-05
 AC+USB 212 UK UK (1) AC & (2) USB Outlets 60-1384-02
 AC+USB 212 CN China (1) AC & (2) USB Outlets 60-1384-11
 AC+USB 222 US US (2) AC & (2) USB Outlets 60-1384-01 Retired
 AC+USB 222 US US (2) AC & (2) USB Outlets w 6’ (1.83 m) Conduit 60-1384-20 Retired
 AC+USB 224 US US (2) AC & (2) USB Outlets w Integrated PS 60-1697-01 Retired
 AC+USB 224 US, Conduit US (2) AC & (2) USB Outlets w Integrated PS 60-1697-20 Retired

Extron AC+USB 200 Series Power Modules for Cable Cubby® Series and select TouchLink® enclosures are available with discrete AC power outlets for the US, Europe, and other major world markets. They feature one or two unswitched AC power outlets, and two USB Type-A power outlets. The AC+USB 244 US provides +5 VDC up to 4 A / 20 watts of USB power; while the non-US modules provide +5 VDC up to 3.0 A / 15 watts of USB power for charging mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets. AC+USB 244 US cord and conduit US power modules are UL/c-UL listed. Extron AC 100 Series Power Modules and AC+USB 300 Series Power Modules are available for applications where AC or AC with USB Type-A and USB Type-C® power outlets are needed.

AC+USB 244 US power modules feature a 12 A circuit breaker for current overload protection and are UL/c-ul listed, meeting applicable safety standards when installed properly. Both US models have two unswitched AC outlets and two USB Type-A outlets powered by an integrated power supply. Each module is equipped with a 9.5' (2.90-meter) power cord and two 2' US AC outlet cables on the bottom of the module to power optional devices or a 6' (1.83-meter) length of 3/8" flexible conduit with a 6" (15-cm) pigtail of three-wire cable for applications requiring a hard-wired conduit to AC power. These power modules have a total of up to 4 A / 20 watts of USB power.

AC+USB 200 non-US power modules feature one unswitched AC outlet and are equipped with an IEC power connector. They provide +5 VDC up to 3.0 A / 15 watts of power to two USB power outlets and can deliver full power to either USB outlet when only one device is connected. The Multi-Region model accepts a variety of AC plug types.

AC+USB 200 Series USB power outlets receive power from highly reliable, Extron-designed and engineered power supplies. The US model features an integrated Extron power supply for convenient installation. All non-US models include an Extron external standalone power supply that meets the Level V standard for energy efficiency and a ZipClip 100 Mounting Kit. ZipClip 100 Mounting Kits securely mount Extron power supplies onto most surfaces, including under tables and inside lecterns.

Compatibility and Capacity Chart

Model Capacity Notes
Cable Cubby 500 1  
Cable Cubby 650 UT 2 Additional when expanded
Cable Cubby 700 1  
Cable Cubby 1200/1202 2  
Cable Cubby 1252 MS 2  
Cable Cubby 1400/1402 4  
EBP 1200C 2  
TLP Pro 525C 1  
TLP Pro 725C 3