Cable Organizer AAP Kit

Quad Space AAP for Cable Cubby® Series of Furniture-Mountable Enclosures
Key Features
  • Can be installed anywhere an AAP - Architectural Adapter Plate can be installed
  • Allows pull-through cable connections
  • Provides 12 cable pass-through openings in four AAP spaces
  • Kit includes two center and two end plates, 12 grommets with an inner diameter of 0.39" (9.9 mm), and six hole plugs
The Extron Cable Organizer AAP Kit
Version Description Part #
Black 70-542-11

The Cable Organizer AAP Kit is designed for use with the Cable Cubby® Series of Furniture-Mountable Enclosures and keeps up to 12 audio, video, phone, data, or control cables organized and readily accessible within the enclosures. Each kit consists of two inner and two end plates, 12 grommets, six hole plugs, and mounting hardware to organize the cables within the enclosures. Available in black.

Metal hole diameter: 0.562" (14.3 mm), inner diameter of plastic grommet: 0.39" (9.9 mm).


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