SMK P SM 26/28

Pivot Mount Kit for SM 26 and SM 28 Speakers
Key Features
  • Optional accessory for the SM 26 and SM 28 surface mount speakers
  • One installation step connects the SM 26 or SM 28 speaker to the wiring contacts on the SMK P SM 26/28 and secures it into place
  • Allows 360° of speaker rotation for maximum flexibility in aiming speakers
  • Adjustable speaker pivot allows for flexible vertical or horizontal speaker installation:
    • SM 26: 30° of speaker pivot left, right, downward, or upward
    • SM 28: 30° of speaker pivot left, right, or downward, or 20° upward
  • SMK P SM 26/28 pivot mount orientation remains constant when attaching or removing the speaker from the mount
  • Provides cable raceway access for surface-mounted wiring applications
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