SMX Configurator

The Extron SMX Configurator allows you to custom configure a modular & expandable matrix switcher to your exact requirements, with the click of a mouse. As you configure a switcher, a running price total and bill of materials is created that reflects your system design. When complete, you can print a worksheet for your project files and request a quotation directly from Extron. The SMX Configurator is available around the clock to fit your busy schedule.

Screenshot of SMX Configurator
SMX Configurator
Button to launch SMX Configurator

The SMX Matrix Configurator allows you to virtually configure different SMX switchers with the click of a mouse. A running price total and bill of materials reflects the changes in your system design. You can save system designs for later recall, print the designs and bills of material, or export them to Microsoft Excel®. Extron resellers can order configured systems online through the Extron Reseller-only Web site.

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