PlenumVault Digital System Components

A wide range of PlenumVault® Digital System options are available to meet the specific requirements of your classroom. This includes wireless microphones, keypad and touchpanel controllers, AV inputs, speakers, mounting hardware, cabling, and more. For complete details of standard equipment, as well as available options, see the list below.

PlenumVault Digital

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    Note: The PVS 407D is available exclusively as a part of
    PoleVault Digital Classroom AV Systems. Not sold separately.


    PVS 407D

    IP-Enabled Digital PoleVault Switcher with Integrated Audio Amplifier

    The PVS 407D is the latest generation PoleVault twisted pair AV switcher and the central component of Extron Classroom Systems.

    The switcher provides two local HDMI inputs and two PVT twisted pair inputs that support classroom AV sources at resolutions up to 4K. Local inputs are ideal for sources that do not need direct user access such as Extron ShareLink, Apple® TV, CATV tuners, and streaming decoders. The twisted pair inputs work with switching PVT wallplates to provide HDMI and VGA connections within the classroom. They can be installed near the teacher's desk or other locations to provide connectivy for a variety of instructor and student sources, such as a laptop, tablet, Blu-ray player, or document camera. Wallplates transmit high resolution digital audio and video signals to the switcher over a single CATx shielded twisted pair cable.

    The PVS 407D features sophisticated audio capabilities. The integrated 50 watt stereo audio amplifier is capable of driving up to four Extron speakers and filling the room with full, rich sound. The VoiceLift® Receiver input simplifies VoiceLift Microphone installation. Switched and auxiliary line-level inputs support audio only sources such as music players or public address systems. A line level output allows system audio to be used for podcasting or assistive listening. Audio file playback allows the system to play pre-recorded audio announcements stored in switcher memory.

    As an ENERGY STAR® qualified AV product, the PVS 407D includes Extron-exclusive power saving modes designed to lower energy usage and reduce operating costs.

    The PVS 407D also provides Ethernet configuration and a network switch. This allows the switcher to be configured and controlled over the network, as well as data access for three additional devices over a single network drop.


    • Available exclusively as part of PoleVault® Digital Classroom Systems
    • Two local HDMI inputs and two twisted pair inputs support up to six common classroom AV sources
    • Supports video resolutions up to 4K
    • AV signals are transmitted over a single CATx shielded twisted pair cable and use active twisted pair technology for high reliability and maximum performance
    • Integrated 50 watt rms audio amplifier for stereo or dual mono audio
    • Audio file playback allows the system to play pre-recorded audio announcements stored in switcher memory
    • Ethernet configuration and switch for remote setup and allowing three devices to share a single network drop
    • ENERGY STAR® qualified AV product designed to lower energy usage and reduce operating costs
    • VoiceLift Receiver input simplifies installation of the VoiceLift Microphone
    • Switched and auxiliary line-level inputs support music players and 3rd party public address systems
    • Configurable audio line output for podcast recording, assistive listening systems, or adding an additional amplifier

    FF 120

    Extron Exclusive Patented Flat Field® Speaker

    The Extron FF 120 is a full-range sound field speaker designed for Extron Classroom AV Systems. It features an Extron exclusive, UL 2043 plenum rated, 1' x 2' (30.5 cm x 61 cm) by 3.25" (8.3 cm) deep enclosure that drops into standard suspended ceilings, resting directly on the T-bar support grid and replacing a portion of an existing ceiling tile. With a low profile enclosure, this speaker is an excellent choice for ceiling installations with tight above-the-ceiling space issues, such as air handling units installed close to the ceiling. The full-range driver features a wide frequency range of 68 Hz to 18 kHz, 16 watts continuous pink noise, and 32 watts continuous program capacity. The FF 120 achieves an unusually deep bass response with our exclusive horn-loaded driver.

    Patented Flat Field® Technology

    Extron’s patented Flat Field Technology makes this speaker truly unique. Flat Field Technology allows the FF 120 to reduce beaming of mid and high frequencies directly under the speaker, delivering consistent sound levels across the listening area to each student.

    Extremely Wide Sound Dispersion

    The FF 120 offers an extraordinarily wide dispersion of 170 degrees, which provides a very wide room coverage pattern. This is especially important for rooms with low ceilings.

    With the combination of Flat Field Technology and wide dispersion, only two FF 120 speakers are required in a standard classroom, as opposed to four or more traditional ceiling speakers.

    This speaker is ideal for use with Extron Classroom AV Systems in low ceiling installations for maximum room coverage. This coverage optimizes voice intelligibility, which along with low bass response, is the most critical consideration for classroom microphone and program material applications. The FF 120 provides excellent voice clarity without compromising music reproduction.

    For easy installation, the FF 120 drops into the space of a standard 1' x 2' ceiling tile, and includes a T-bar which can be used with a larger ceiling tile trimmed to fill out the space. It also provides theft deterrence with a neutral white, perforated steel grille that matches the appearance of standard air conditioning vents and grid ceilings.


    • Available exclusively as part of an Extron Classroom AV System
    • 1' x 2' (30.5 cm x 61 cm), 4.7 lb (2.1 kg) drop-in ceiling tile enclosure for suspended ceilings
    • UL 2043 plenum rated enclosure
    • Extron patented Flat Field® Technology for consistent sound levels across the listening area, reducing the number of speakers required
    • Full-range driver with a horn-loaded design provides extended low frequency response
    • White perforated grille matches appearance of air conditioning vents
    • 8 ohm nominal impedance
    • Frequency range: 68 Hz to 18 kHz
    • 16 watts continuous pink noise, 32 watts continuous program
    • Wide 170° dispersion
    • 3.25" (8.3 cm) deep low profile enclosure for plenum environments
    • 5 year parts and labor warranty
    • Designed and manufactured by Extron
    Flat Field White Paper Download the Flat Field White Paper (2.1 MB)

    PVM 220

    PlenumVault Mounting Kit

    The Extron PVM 220 PlenumVault® Mounting Kit is a secure, fully enclosed housing for storing PoleVault® AV system components in the plenum space above a suspended ceiling. The 2’ x 2’ enclosure provides ample space for mounting a variety of devices and offers four integrated AC outlets. The integrated fan and sophisticated air management features allow room side air to keep components cool and extend their operating life. The hinged door provides access for setup and maintenance tasks. To maintain room aesthetics, the PVM 220 accepts a trimmed tile to blend in with the rest of the ceiling.


    • Available exclusively as part of an Extron PlenumVault or PoleVault Digital Classroom AV System
    • UL listed for use in plenum airspaces. Meets UL 2043 for heat and smoke release
    • Securely mounts PoleVault AV system components in the plenum space above a suspended ceiling
    • Integrated fan with thermal control module, dedicated air channels, and unique enclosure design features use room side air to keep components cool and extend their operating life
    • Designed to fit in a 2’ x 2’ style suspended ceiling and is only 6.34" deep for installations with limited space or obstructions above the ceiling
    • Hinged room-side door with removable mounting plate simplifies equipment installation, setup, and maintenance
    • Four integrated AC outlets provide power access to AV components
    • Accepts trimmed ceiling tile to match the appearance of adjacent tiles and room environment
    • Safety tether prevents door from accidentally swinging completely open

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