The Extron AVTrac is a low profile, floor-mounted raceway system with a modular AAP - Architectural Adapter Plate enclosure and is used to safely and discreetly run power, data, and AV cables across floor surfaces where people walk and move about. The modular AAP enclosure supports all of the Extron AAPs, including hundreds of common audio, video, phone, power, and data connectors on mountable metal plates, creating a fully customizable connectivity solution. AVTrac is ideal for new, retrofit, and reconfigurable spaces, particularly in architecturally-sensitive environments where disruptions must be kept to an absolute minimum.

Extron AVTrac Corner Cut Solution

AVTrac® Corner Cut Solution

Step-by-step videos that illustrate the installation of the award-winning Low Profile Floor-Mount Raceway System Extron AVTrac Corner Cut Solution. This video training series shows how to cut and install the AVTrac with a 90° cut.

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