Retired Mounting Options

ACMP 100

Angled Ceiling Mounting Plate

EWB 700

External Wall Box for the TLP 700MV TouchLink® Touchpanel


Low Profile Mounting Brackets for IN3252HR

Junction Boxes

One and Two-Gang Junction Boxes

MBD 249

Rack Mount and Through-Desk Kit for 2U, Full Rack Width, Four-Piece Enclosures

PCM 240

Projector Drop Ceiling Mount


Angle Mount Kit

PMK 150

Pole Mount Kit for 1/4 or 1/2 Rack Width Products

PMP Series

Projector Mounting Poles

RSM 100

Rack Shelf Mount Kit

RSM 100

Rack Shelf Mount Kit

RSU 249

Universal Rack Shelf Kit for 2U, 9.5" Deep Products

UPB 25

Universal Projector Mounting Bracket

SMB 100 Series

Surface Mount Boxes