Retired Ground Loop Inhibitors & Isolators

FBI 100

Feedback Loop Isolator for Audio and Video

GLI 1000

Ground Loop Inhibitor for applications with video system ground loop and interference problems

GLI 2000 15HD

Heavy Duty Computer-Video Ground Loop Inhibitor

GLI 2000 2BNC

Heavy Duty S-Video and Composite Video Ground Loop Inhibitor

GLI 250

Ground Loop Isolator


Video Hum Suppressor


RGBHV Hum Suppressor

GLI 2000 5BNC

Heavy Duty RGBHV Ground Loop Inhibitor

GLI 350xi

One-Input, One-Output Ground Loop Isolator

GLI 350

Ground Loop Isolator

ADA 2/GLI 350 HV

Two Output RGBHV Distribution Amplifier with Built-In GLI - Ground Loop Isolator