AV Connectivity Mounting Frames

Extron offers an assortment of AV Connectivity Mounting Frames that support the installation of Flex55, EU, AAPTM AV Connectivity Modules, MAAPTM Mini AV Connectivity Modules, and decorator-style modules for AV connectivity, control, and AC power. These frames allow AV technology to blend into the surrounding environment for improved aesthetics and ease of access. Table Mount and Furniture Mount frames are ideal for placing AV connectivity and AC power within easy reach of the user. Surface Mount Boxes provide an alternative to cutting the furniture surface or placing connectivity on a wall. Wall Mount and Floor Box frames facilitate placement where space is at a premium, and Rack Mount frames facilitate placement within furniture-mounted rack rails and traditional equipment racks. To help create the best architectural connectivity solution for any application, the Extron AVEdge Builder, Cable Cubby Series/2 Builder, and Connectivity Builder are easy-to-use online tools for configuring Architectural Mounting Frames.

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