Calculated Optical Loss

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Fiber Calculator

Determine Fiber Optic Attenuation

* How long is the fiber run?
* What Extron fiber product is being used?
* What type of fiber is being used?
Fiber attenuation is 3 dB/km @ 850 nm

Total Fiber Attenuation:

Determine Connector Loss

* How many connector pairs are in the run?  connector pair(s)
* What is the optical loss for each connector pair?  dB (.75 is default)

Total Connector Pair Loss:  

Determine Splice Loss

How many mechanical splices are in the run?  mechanical splice(s) (0.25 dB/splice)
How many fusion splices are in the run?  fusion splice(s) (0.10 dB/splice)

Total Splice Loss:  

Total Calculated System Budget

Available Loss Budget:
Total Calculated Loss is:
What is the safety margin?  dB (3 is default)
Calculated Loss Budget Reserve: Calculated Loss Budget Shortage: