Web-Based AV Room Control

Download Web Interface Templates (11.9 MB)

Technology enhanced classrooms provide instructors with new tools to teach and interact within the presentation environment. Many instructors prefer the flexibility of not only controlling the environment via an in-room controller mounted on a wall or lectern, but also from a control page on a computer monitor or wireless device. Extron's graphical user interfaces, or GUIs, are functional, intuitive, and easy-to-use room control Web pages accessible using a Web browser.

The graphical AV room control Web page can be used in conjunction with Global Configurator 2.2 and later to support the MLC 104 IP Plus and MLC 226 IP MediaLink® Controllers and the System 5 IP Switcher.

Two Ways To Customize

Extron offers two ways to create a graphical user interface for your installation. You can create your own using our free templates or let Extron software developers do the work for you with our economical GUI Customization Service.

Do It Yourself With Our Web Interface Templates

Download Templates

File size: 11.9 MB

Create your own custom graphical user interface by downloading our modifiable templates and following the included step-by-step instructions. The kit includes:

  • Adobe Photoshop template files and code samples
  • Detailed "getting started" guide with complete step-by-step instructions
Let Extron Customize A Graphical Control Page For You

Download Brochure

File size: 8.9 MB

Let Extron do the work with our economical Custom GUI Service. When you supply the following information about your project, Extron developers will create a custom AV control page for you:

  1. Select one of the available template styles to apply to your rooms
  2. Identify one or more controller types that need to be supported - MLC 104 IP Plus, MLC 226 IP, and/or System 5 IP
  3. Identify any controller accessories in each system, such as an IRCM-DV+
  4. Pick a color scheme to apply to the template
  5. Identify labeling for all front panel buttons
  6. Provide a company or institution logo

Click the button above to download the Custom GUI brochure, or submit your contact information below to communicate with an Extron Customer Support Representative.

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