Cable Cubby Series/2 Connectivity Bracket Kits

Supplemental AV Connectivity Brackets for Cable Cubby Series/2 Enclosures
Key Features
  • Supplemental Cable Pass-Through, AAP™ AV Connectivity Module, and Retractor Bracket Kits for select Cable Cubby, EBP 1200C, and TLP Pro 725C enclosures
  • Cable/AAP Bracket Kit supports up to eight AV cables or three AAP modules
  • New Cable/AAP/Retractor Bracket Kit accommodates four AV and/or SM cables, two AAP modules, or three Retractor cable retraction modules in Cable Cubby 500 and Cable Cubby 700 enclosures
  • Cable Bracket Kit – Quad allows four AV cables to be mounted at the outer edges of the following enclosures
  • Retractor Bracket Kit – Double supports two Retractor cable retraction modules mounted at the outer edges of the enclosures
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