Speaker Selector

Extron low and high impedance ceiling speakers provide a wide & smooth frequency range. They are engineered to ensure excellent on and off axis voice intelligibility. Generous power ratings offer plenty of headroom for music reproduction in demanding, high output systems. With innovative materials, modular construction, and unique features, our speakers provide significant savings and superior performance. Select models are UL 2043 listed to meet stringent UL requirements for smoke and heat release in plenum air spaces.

SoundField pendant speakers, with their clean lines and concealed wiring connections, blend into the background alongside contemporary pendant lighting fixtures. This addresses the common requirement that installed speakers be architecturally complementary, without sacrificing audio quality.

Ideal for classroom applications, Extron patented Flat Field® ceiling tile speakers reduce beaming of mid and high frequencies directly under the speaker, delivering consistent sound levels across the listening area.

An Extron subwoofer complements our range of ceiling and pendant speakers by extending the low frequency response in music and high performance audio applications. A subwoofer can cost effectively turn a thin sounding system into a good music playback system or a good music playback system into a great one.

The SB 33 A, the industry's first Adjustable Width Sound Bar, is a flexible solution for enhancing the audio experience in collaboration spaces. Featuring an adjustable-width design, our new sound bar can be customized to precisely match the width of the display, offering a high performance solution that looks great in any space.

The CA 163 is an easy-to-install column array speaker designed to combine excellent speech intelligibility, a contemporary aesthetic, and integration-friendly mounting options.