Amplifier Selector

A decade ago Extron pioneered the use of Class D amplifiers in AV applications. We have continuously reinvented Class D with our meticulous approach to engineering and the development of unique, patented technologies, designed to address the particular requirements of AV workflows in high or low impedance systems.

Since our team of dedicated power systems engineers designs all Extron Class D amplifiers from the ground up, including our Everlast power supplies, we know exactly what’s inside down to the component level. Each component and its placement is carefully chosen and designed into the total system for peak efficiency and reliability. This is not possible for other manufacturers who utilize offshore OEM power modules. Extron exclusive, high efficiency amplifier designs generate very little heat and allows the amplifier to operate in environments with little or no ventilation.

The XPA® Ultra lineup of ENERGY STAR qualified power amplifiers represents Extron's ongoing commitment to innovation and taking on the challenge to put more high performance channels in less space.

With NetPA® Ultra amplifiers, you get all the advantages of our award winning XPA Ultra amplifiers combined with the power of Dante network audio distribution and integrated DSP. NetPA Ultra power amplifiers provide system scalability, easier installation, and simplified wiring, while meeting the stringent quality requirements of professional audio installations.