AC+USB 300 Series Power Modules New

AC+USB Power Modules for Cable Cubby Series/2 Enclosures
Key Features
  • For use with Cable Cubby® Series/2, EBP 1200C, and TLP Pro 725C enclosures
  • Features USB Type‑C and USB Type‑A power outlets, as well as AC outlets
  • AC+USB 311 US provides a total of up to 55 watts of USB power
  • UL-listed US standard model features an attached 9.5' (2.90 m) AC power cord; part # 60‑1782‑01
  • UL‑listed US conduit model features an attached 6' (1.83 m) length of 3/8" flexible conduit with a 6" (15.24 cm) pigtail of three-wire cable; part # 60‑1782‑20
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The Extron AC+USB 300 Series Power Modules
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