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Videowall Configuration Software
Dante Controller
Configuration Software for Dante-Enabled Audio Products
Global Configurator
Free Configuration Software for TouchLink, MediaLink, and IP Link Control Systems
Global Configurator Plus and Global Configurator Professional
Powerful Configuration Software for AV Control Systems
GUI Configurator
Free User Interface Design Software for TouchLink Touchpanels
GUI Designer
Free Design Software for User Interfaces
IP Intercom HelpDesk Software
Free IP Intercom Configuration and Management Software
XTP System Configuration Software
Software for the Complete Setup and Configuration of XTP Systems
Product Configuration Software
DSP Configurator Software
DSP Application Software

Please consult Release Notes for important compatibility information and history.

Description Part Number Version Date Size  
Image Quick Capture
Image Quick Capture software for Annotator, Annotator 300, and USP 507 Series
 Release Notes (Login required)
79-546-01 2.0 Jul. 17, 2014 4.8 MB Download (Login required)
Inline ICS100
Control software for the CTL208CM, SWP123, and TPS150.
29-074-01 1.5 Dec. 20, 2004 8.1 MB Download (Login required)
Inline Matrix Switchers: IN20804 / IN21608 / IN31208 / IN31608
IN-SW-52 3.3.8 May 25, 2001 4.2 MB Download (Login required)
Inline Matrix Switchers: IN3804 / IN3808
IN-SW-338 5.2 Aug. 22, 2001 3.5 MB Download (Login required)
Inline Pathfinder Series Matrix Switchers
IN-SW-253 2.53 Mar. 12, 1998 2.8 MB Download (Login required)
IP Intercom® HelpDesk™
IP Intercom HelpDesk software for IPI 101 AAP, IPI 104 AAP, IPI 201, IPI 201 AAP, IPI 204 and IPI 204 AAP. Learn more
 Release Notes (Login required)
79-516-01 2.4.3 May 9, 2013 104.9 MB Download (Login required)
IP Link File Manager
IP Link® File Manager is a powerful program for uploading and downloading files to and from IP Link-enabled devices. Learn more
 Release Notes (Login required)
79-510-01 1.1.3 Jul. 29, 2006 4.4 MB Download (Login required)
IP Link® Driver Package
Ethernet, Serial and IR device drivers for use with Extron control processors, System Switchers and MediaLink controllers.
 Release Notes (Login required)
79-512-01 8.3 May 9, 2013 158.1 MB Download (Login required)
IR Learner
IR Learner™ is a free software utility for capturing infrared codes from a handheld IR remote to create custom drivers for operating IR-controlled devices using IP Link® and GlobalViewer®. Learn more
 Release Notes (Login required)
79-501-01 1.24 Jun. 27, 2011 3.7 MB Download (Login required)
IR Learner Pro
IR Learner Pro Software Learn more
 Release Notes (Login required)
79-582-01 1.1.0 Jun. 22, 2017 25.4 MB Download (Login required)
ISM 482 & ISS 408
Control software for ISM 482 and ISS 408.
 Release Notes (Login required)
29-054-02 1.6 Dec. 3, 2012 4.4 MB Download (Login required)
ISM 824
Control software for ISM 824
 Release Notes (Login required)
79-525-01 1.4 Apr. 4, 2014 3.9 MB Download (Login required)
ISS 506 Windows Control Program
Control Software for the ISS 506 Series
 Release Notes (Login required)
79-521-01 1.2.1 Mar. 12, 2014 5.8 MB Download (Login required)
Control software for ISM 182/482 and ISS 108/408.
 Release Notes (Login required)
29-054-02 1.5 Jun. 23, 2006 4.8 MB Download (Login required)
Matrix 100/200
Control software for the Matrix 100/200 Series Switcher.
29-014-01 2.0 Sep. 2, 1999 0.5 MB Download (Login required)
Matrix 12800/6400/3200
Control software for the Matrix 3200/6400 Series; and the Matrix 12800 Series.
29-036-01 4.0 Apr. 19, 2003 2.7 MB Download (Login required)
Matrix Switchers
Control software for most Extron matrix switchers, including MAV Series (except MAV 62), MAV Plus, Matrix 50, CrossPoint, CrossPoint Plus, CrossPoint 300 8x4 and larger, CrossPoint 450 Plus, CrossPoint Ultra, DMS 1600/3600, DXP, DXP DVI Pro, DXP HDMI, FOX 3200/7200/14400/320x, HDXP Plus, MVX, MVX Plus, MTPX, MTPX Plus, MTPX Plus 6400, TPX, Fiber Matrix, and MPX 866.
 Release Notes (Login required)
79-520-01 8.4 Sep. 30, 2014 15.0 MB Download (Login required)
MediaLink Switchers (MLS) and PoleVault Switchers (PVS)
Control software for the MLS and PVS Series
 Release Notes (Login required)
79-524-01 1.2.1 Jun. 6, 2012 11.9 MB Download (Login required)
MGP 462 Series
Control software for the MGP 462 series.
 Release Notes (Login required)
79-517-01 1.2 Aug. 25, 2010 7.7 MB Download (Login required)
MGP Series
Control Software for the MGP 462xi and MGP 464 series.
 Release Notes (Login required)
79-518-01 2.3 Jul. 10, 2013 18.5 MB Download (Login required)

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