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Switcher & Video Scaler Combination Provides
Convenient System Control of Presentations

Extron's new System 7SC is a seven input, dual output, multi-format switcher with a built-in video scaler.

The Extron System 7SC features projector and room control along with RGB & video integration capabilities ideal for rental, staging, and permanent installations using plasma displays as well as CRT, LCD, and DLP projectors. This system switcher provides video scaling, which uses Extron's latest up-conversion technologies with DMI (Dynamic Motion Interpolation) to match the rates and resolutions of video inputs to the higher native resolution of today's fixed matrix displays. Projector and room control, universal compatibility with displays, and audio switching capabilities are also offered.


To optimize image quality as well as maintain maximum image brightness and detail, video inputs need to be scaled to progressive scanning RGB resolutions that match the "sweet spot" or native resolution of the digital display being used. Using advanced digital video scaling technologies, the System 7SC scales any video input, including any interlaced or progressive YUV signal, to one of thirteen common computer-video, progressive HDTV, or plasma resolutions.

The System 7SC includes Extron's newly developed Dynamic Motion Interpolation (DMI) scaling technology. DMI is an advanced motion prediction and compensation method used to deliver the best aspects of still and motion algorithms. The DMI process results in a new level of image enhancement capability with no loss of image fidelity.

The System 7SC offers industry standard computer-video output rates: 640 x 480, 800 x 600, 832 x 624, 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024, and 1360 x 1024. For plasma displays, the System 7SC provides plasma output rates: 848 x 480, 852 x 480, 1280 x 768, and 1360 x 765. Also offered are HDTV 480p, 720p, and 1080p output rates.

RGB signals are passed through. For switches between sources, Triple-Action Switching™ (RGB delay) eliminates visible switching transitions to enhance the professional look of presentations. Triple-Action Switching blanks the screen when the System 7SC switches to a new source.


The System 7SC provides a total of seven inputs. It offers quad-standard video decoding compatibility (NTSC 3.58, NTSC 4.43, PAL, and SECAM) as well as the advantage of accepting interlaced or progressive YUV signals, including HDTV 480p, 720p, and other such signals for up-scaling. Using BNCs, six of the inputs are configurable for composite video, S-video, component video, or RGB. Located on the front panel, the seventh input accepts composite video on a RCA connector, S-video on a 4-pin mini-DIN connector, or computer-video on a 15-pin HD connector. This makes it convenient to connect a laptop, camera, or DVD player directly, without accessing the back of the switcher. Also, the System 7SC is able to control and accept signals from a slaved switcher on input #1. The output signal is simultaneously available on a 15-pin HD connector and five BNCs. All RGB inputs are passed through, while all video and progressive HDTV signals are scaled.

For balanced/unbalanced stereo audio, the System 7SC offers 3.5 mm captive screw input and output connectors as well as audio attenuation/gain adjustments for each input provided. Audio breakaway is available through RS-232 only. Audio breakaway allows a user to switch audio from one input source and video from a different input source to the same output destination. It is used when the audio and video sources comprising a presentation are not generated by the same source.


The System 7SC can be programmed for projector control. Universal projector control is possible through programming via downloadable RS-232 or IR drivers, IR learning capabilities, or user-defined RS-232 commands. The System 7SC offers two methods for configuring the switcher for projector control. Using the first method, the System 7SC uses RS-232 or IR drivers, including the downloadable, pre-configured drivers similar to those designed for the System 5cr Plus. Using the second method, the user determines which IR or RS-232 commands to associate with the user-defined buttons. IR commands may be learned through the System 7SC's user-friendly IR learning capabilities, which make it compatible with almost every type of IR-controllable display device. For RS-232 commands, Extron's Simple Instruction Set™ is provided for RS-232 control via Extron's Windows®-based control program or third-party control.

Trigger signals to control room lighting, screen settings, and other device controller functions may be controlled through the System 7SC's room function, using internal relays. Relays may be controlled from the front panel, included IR 70 remote (included), or RS-232 control.

System switcher control is provided via front panel operation, IR 70, or RS-232. The front panel buttons control video and audio input selection; picture adjustments; display functions such as power, mute, video modes; and internal relays for room controls, such as lowering or raising a display screen or powering lights on or off. Picture controls include horizontal and vertical shift, color, tint, brightness, contrast, detail (image sharpness), and top & bottom vertical blanking. Variable vertical blanking adjustments allow a user to mask noise that occasionally appears at the top and bottom of a processed image or to crop unneeded portions of an image. The IR 70 duplicates the front panel functions for normal operation. For mobile control from any part of the room—useful for a presenter or meeting facilitator—the IR 70 provides infrared remote control. All functions are also available through RS-232.


With a video bandwidth of 350 MHz (-3dB), the System 7SC maintains original signal integrity ensuring optimal signal handling. An executive mode locks out all functions except basic switching and control commands; (all functions are still available through RS-232 control). The System 7SC includes an IR 70 remote control, a 50' Universal Projector Control (UC) Cable, a 9-pin male to male gender changer, and a rack-mounting kit. It is housed in a 2U high, one EIA rack width, metal enclosure.

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