Storage Capacity Calculator

Storage Capacity Calculator – Basic is an online tool that helps determine which Extron SMP 300 Series product is right for you by calculating the storage requirements of your application. The calculator has two modes. One mode determines required hard drive size given a particular audio and video bit rate as well as duration of recording. The other mode calculates the duration of supported recording time, given a particular audio and video bit rate as well as the size of the hard drive. A handy chart showing common encoder presets is available to assist in configuring the calculator.

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 Basic Storage Capacity Calculator

Storage Capacity Calculator – Advanced is an online tool that helps you determine your estimated disk storage space needs per week or over a specified period. To use the advanced calculator, sign in with your Extron Insider credentials, input your typical room and recordings data, select your preferred encoding mode – single channel, dual channel, or composite, select your content type and preferred resolution, and desired publication quality. Then click “Calculate” to view your results. Use this storage data to help determine which solutions are ideal for your application.

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Advanced Storage Capacity Calculator

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