Extron Room Scheduling

Book a Room the Easy Way

We have simplified the room booking experience with Extron Room Scheduling. This stand-alone system consists of elegantly-designed TouchLink Scheduling Panels that connect directly to Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, or Google Calendar. Users can reserve rooms with a couple taps on the panel or from their mobile device. Free Room Agent software makes setup a breeze, allowing you to customize the touchpanel interface with the meeting options you need. Multiple mounting choices are available for the touchpanels, including on-wall, in-wall, as well as secure mounting to almost any flat surface, including glass or granite.

TouchLink Scheduling Panels

Stylish, stand-alone TLS TouchLink Scheduling panels connect to a variety of popular calendar services and require no additional scheduling software or external processors. They feature vibrant touchscreens, Power over Ethernet, and bright red and green LEDs that make it easy to see if a room is occupied or available even from down the hall. Right out of the box, the TLS panels are ready to be customized with easy-to-use Room Agent Software.

TLS TouchLink Scheudling Panels Click to enlarge

Room Agent Software

All TLS panels are configured with Extron Room Agent™ software. Simply connect the touchpanel to your computer, open the free Room Agent software, fill in the required fields that compose the user interface, and you’re done. Customization options include custom colors and background images, interface text fields to be shown or hidden, depending on user preference.

Room Agent Software Click to enlarge
Room Agent showing room available Click to enlarge
Touchpanel GUI - Room Available
Room Agent showing room occupied Click to enlarge
Touchpanel GUI - Room Occupied

Room Scheduling Analytics – The Information You Need, Right Now

Room scheduling touchpanels provide the information you need to closely analyze room usage, activity patterns, and occupancy trends across the organization. A Scheduling Activity file with room usage and meeting data can be downloaded concurrently from multiple touchpanels. You can transform this readily-available information with data analytics tools to create powerful reports.

Manipulate data by clicking on any field

Room Occupancy Monitoring

Any TLS panel equipped with a digital input will work with Extron OCS 100 series occupancy sensors, which monitor room occupancy and, after a user-defined time, release the room back to available status. These sensors provide exceptional coverage using ultrasonic and passive infrared detection technologies. Integrated smart, adaptive software automatically and continuously monitors the environment and adjusts timer settings and sensitivity, providing a lifetime of dependable detection and maintenance-free operation.

OCS 100 sensors Click to enlarge

RoomAware Technology - Coming Soon

Extron RoomAware Technology is a suite of time-saving features that anticipate user needs and intelligently deliver room automation and control across the enterprise. RoomAware enables smart connections between Extron devices and services to save valuable time by preparing the room for the participant prior to their arrival.

Extron RoomAware Technology Click to enlarge

A Secure Way to Book a Room

All communications between Room Agent software and the room scheduling panels is encrypted. In addition, users can select to display only the information they want visible at each location.

Mounting Options

A broad variety of mounting options are available, including in-wall or on-wall, glass, or granite, or just about any flat surface.

Supported Languages

Room Agent currently supports 26 languages, and Extron is continually working to add more. Check this table frequently for language updates.

Arabic Dutch Italian Russian Turkish
Chinese Simplified English Japanese Serbian Vietnamese
Chinese Traditional Finnish Korean Slovenian  
Croatian French Norwegian Spanish  
Czech German Polish Swedish  
Danish Hebrew Portuguese Thai  

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TLS 1022M

TLS 1022M

10" Wall Mount TouchLink Scheduling Panel

TLS 1022T

TLS 1022T

10" VESA Mount TouchLink Scheduling Panel

TLS 725M

TLS 725M

7" Wall Mount TouchLink Scheduling Panel

TLS 520M

TLS 520M

5" Wall Mount TouchLink Scheduling Panel

TLS 525M

TLS 525M

5" Wall Mount TouchLink Scheduling Panel

TLS 520M

OCS 100

Occupancy Sensors