ENERGY STAR® was created in 1992 as a standard for energy efficient commercial and consumer products. In order for a product to become ENERGY STAR qualified, it must meet or exceed a published requirement for energy usage in full operation and in standby mode.

Extron is the first professional AV manufacturer to earn the ENERGY STAR for power amplifiers. Our MPA Series and XTRA Series amplifiers meet the ENERGY STAR Audio/Video specification, and all draw less than 1 watt while in standby mode, offer a sleep mode, auto power-down, and meet specified efficiency requirements.

In addition to our amplifiers, the Extron PVS 407D PoleVault Digital Switcher, available exclusively as part of the PoleVault Digital system, has also earned the ENERGY STAR for its efficient operation.

Visit the ENERGY STAR Web site for Audio/Video.

Extron ENERGY STAR Products