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Educational AV Technology From Extron

Simplifying your classroom AV needs


Extron's classroom solutions allow seamless integration of computers, DVD players, VCRs, document cameras, audio equipment, and projectors.

Our MediaLink® System is a family of easy-to-use and economical products that work together to connect and control AV equipment in any one-projector classroom, lab or lecture hall. MediaLink Controllers are intelligent remote control panels that provide universal projector and room control. Combining a MediaLink controller with a MediaLink Switcher can add support for multiple video sources and integrated audio amplification.

Extron PoleVault® Systems are easy-to-use, network-enabled, all-inclusive AV system packages, making them ideal for single-projector K-12 classrooms. PoleVault Systems are designed to create a complete classroom AV technology integration solution that offers benefits for teachers, students, and administrators alike. Teachers will enjoy the simplicity of the controller and enhanced audio quality. Students will benefit because technology that is easy to use gets used more often. Administrators will appreciate the ability to centrally monitor all classroom systems using the network, as well as the expandability offered by the PoleVault switcher, which enables the addition of inputs beyond the capacity of the projector.

The Extron IP Link® Series of compact Ethernet Control Interfaces work in conjunction with GlobalViewer™ software, enabling classroom AV devices to be controlled, monitored, and accessed from any computer with a network connection.







MediaLink® IP Link® Application Profiles
Simplifies and centralizes
classroom AV control
Control, access, and monitor
your AV systems over a network
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