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Dante Video Tutorials

Need to get a better understanding of Dante? These videos from Audinate will guide you through the setup and management of a Dante audio network using the Dante Controller software. They provide a practical means to learn about all of your Dante devices and the essential functions of Dante Controller.

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Getting Started with Dante

1. Dante Overview

Learn about moving from analog to digital, Dante performance, working with Dante, basic network requirements, and basic network knowledge.

Duration: 4:56 Play Video

2. A Simple Dante Network

Creating a basic Dante network, discovering, and routing signals with Dante Controller, Dante devices, and a network switch.

Duration: 3:55 Play Video

3. Dante Controller

Auto discovery of connected Dante devices, navigating Dante Controller, routing signals, splitting signals, naming devices and audio channels, and clocking basics.

Duration: 5:32 Play Video

4. Dante Virtual Soundcard

What is a DVS? Stopping and starting DVS. Drivers for Windows, configuring DVS by channels, latency, and network interfaces. DVS demonstration on multitrack recording.

Duration: 6:13 Play Video

5. Networking Basics for Audio

IP address, DHCP, names vs. addresses, Quality of Service (QoS) settings, and choosing a network switch.

Duration: 6:47 Play Video

6. Dante Clocking Basics

How Dante clocking compares to legacy digital audio, Dante clock roles and elections, clock failure modes, configuring clock behaviors with Dante Controller, and using external clocks.

Duration: 4:42 Play Video

7. Unicast and Multicast Transport with Dante

Understanding unicast and multicast on IP networks, best practices for multicast, and configuring multicast with Dante Controller.

Duration: 2:29 Play Video

8. Dante Redundancy

How Dante redundancy works, configuring a redundant network, and best practices for redundancy.

Duration: 3:59 Play Video

Dante Controller 101

1. Basic Routing in Dante Controller

How to make audio subscriptions and routes using Dante Controller.

Duration: 1:43 Play Video

2. Using Device Filters in Dante Controller

See how filters can simplify your view of a Dante network.

Duration: 1:07 Play Video

3. Using Channel Groups in Dante Controller

Learn how channel groups can help manage Dante devices with large channel counts in Dante Controller.

Duration: 1:15 Play Video

4. Using Device View in Dante Controller

Using Device View advanced features for routing, device naming, and device settings.

Duration: 1:38 Play Video

5. Renaming Devices in Dante Controller

Learn how to change the names of your audio devices for easy identification in Dante Controller.

Duration: 0:57 Play Video

6. Adjusting Sample Rates in Dante Controller

Learn how to configure and use different sample rates on Dante devices with Dante Controller.

Duration: 1:35 Play Video

7. Latency Management in Dante Controller

Learn what latency really means in a Dante network, and how to monitor and adjust it to suit your requirements using Dante Controller.

Duration: 3:13 Play Video

8. Using Multicast with Dante Controller

Learn the difference between unicast and multicast network traffic, and how to determine which transport is appropriate. Learn how to configure multicast and unicast transport in Dante Controller.

Duration: 3:53 Play Video

9. Using Presets in Dante Controller

Learn how to save and recall complete network configurations using presets in Dante Controller.

Duration: 2:34 Play Video

10. Using the Event Log in Dante Controller

Learn how to use the Event Log in Dante Controller to spot network problems and changes.

Duration: 2:10 Play Video

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