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The CrossPoint 450 Plus:

Extron's New Generation of Ultra-Wideband Matrix Switchers

Replacing Extron's popular CrossPoint Plus Series, the CrossPoint 450 Plus Series offers higher 450 MHz (-3 dB) RGB bandwidth and is loaded with a host of new features, including Extron's exclusive Advanced Digital Sync Processing (ADSP™) technology, IP Link® Ethernet control technology, and audio output volume control.

Increased Bandwidth

With high resolution computer-video and HDTV signals becoming more prevalent in AV system design, one of the key upgrades in the CrossPoint 450 Plus Series is an increase in RGB video bandwidth. This additional bandwidth dramatically improves the switcher's overall performance. More importantly, switcher performance has been significantly enhanced by improvements in the bandwidth curve. The incredibly flat response across the bandwidth curve underscores the switcher's consistent performance with any signal type.


In addition to the boost in bandwidth, the CrossPoint 450 Plus Series features Extron's exclusive Advanced Digital Sync Processing (ADSP) technology. ADSP significantly reduces sync related problems, improving signal compatibility with many digital display devices. With digital displays, ADSP provides a significant improvement in the stability and overall reliability of the projected image.

IP Link

For remote monitoring and control, all CrossPoint 450 Plus models feature Extron's IP Link Ethernet monitoring and control technology, which provides convenient online access to switcher control, diagnostics, and remote system monitoring. I/O ties and global presets can be selected, audio input and output levels can be adjusted, and high resolution signal status can be verified via DSVP™, from any Web browser on the LAN or WAN.

AV resource management is facilitated when the CrossPoint 450 Plus Series' embedded IP Link Web page is linked to GlobalViewer®, a Web-based application available free from Extron. IP Link enabled products can be used with GlobalViewer software to provide a variety of resource management functions including proactive maintenance and remote technical support, such as monitoring system operational status, power supply voltages or disruptions, and other critical service information vital to operations. IP Link gives service providers and technical support administrators the ability to receive service and status messages through an e-mail-enabled cell phone, PDA, pager, or e-mail account, dramatically reducing service response time.

Audio Output Volume Control

The video enhancements are complemented by the addition of volume control to each audio output. System design is simplified by eliminating the need of an audio preamplifier.

More Features, More Models

Enhanced QuickSwitch Front Panel Controller (QS-FPC™) and Digital Sync Validation Processing (DSVP) are two additional features found on the CrossPoint 450 Plus Series. Extron's popular QS-FPC is enhanced with large, tri-color, backlit buttons that can be custom labeled to identify input sources and output destinations. The buttons illuminate red, green, and amber, depending on their function, for quick and easy viewing of input and output ties, preset configurations, muted outputs, and audio volume settings.

DSVP is an Extron technology that works in concert with IP Link. It continuously polls the switcher's inputs for active sync signals, reads the horizontal and vertical sync rates, and makes the information available through IP Link and RS-232.

The CrossPoint 450 Plus Series includes 22 models in 11 I/O sizes ranging from 8x4 up to 32x32. Each model is available in two versions: "HV" for switching RGBHV signals and "HVA" for switching RGBHV signals and stereo audio (balanced and unbalanced) with full control of both audio and video input and output levels.

A Better Value

The CrossPoint 450 Plus Series retains the benchmarks that made the CrossPoint Series one of the best values in its respective categories: cost-effectiveness, ease of installation, and around-the-clock reliability. Add in improvements to bandwidth and technologies like ADSP and IP Link — plus a new, lower price point — and it's easy to see why Extron's CrossPoint Series continues to be the industry's leading, high performance RGB matrix switcher line.

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