Extron Control Professional Certification Program

Unleash the Power of Global Configurator Professional for Advanced Extron Pro Series Control Systems

Extron Control Professional ― ECP is an Extron Control Systems Certification program designed to prepare individuals to successfully deploy and maintain customized AV control systems that are built around our recently-launched IP Link® Pro Series and TouchLink® Pro Series products. ECP incorporates all of the elements of our Extron Control Specialist ― ECS program, and adds additional content geared toward more elaborate AV control system designs.

The Extron Control Professional ― ECP certification enables access to Extron's Global Configurator™ Professional software for larger, more sophisticated AV control systems where multiple control processors, enhanced functionality, and advanced configuration are necessary. The ECP certification program focuses on sophisticated control system design concepts, advanced configuration techniques, troubleshooting, and best practices.

Extron Control Professional ― ECP


This program is ideal for advanced users or control system programmers who understand the complexities of more sophisticated systems. A background of 2-5 years of AV control system design, programming, and installation experience is recommended.


There are no education prerequisites. A strong working knowledge of AV control system design, programming, as well as Extron Global Configurator Plus and GUI Designer is recommended. Successful completion of the Extron AV Associate Certification program is also recommended. An understanding of Extron Global Configurator software is a plus.

Delivery Method

ECP is available through instructor-led training. To achieve certification, students who complete the course must also pass an Extron-proctored hands-on exam.

Course Content

The ECP program is a three-day course that consists of the following general categories:

  • Learn Global Configurator Professional software, and how to take advantage of the advanced features for more complex system designs
  • Sophisticated control system design concepts and advanced configuration techniques
  • Create custom control interfaces using GUI Designer software, plus GUI design best practices
  • Validate complex Pro Series control systems in multiple AV environments using acquired knowledge of installation, configuration, and commissioning principles

Software Access

Successful completion of the ECP Certification is required for an individual to install and operate Global Configurator Professional.

Further Information

To learn more about the Extron Control Professional Program including details on how to register, please contact your Extron Customer Support Representative.

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