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Classroom AV System White Papers

  • Classroom Sound Field Amplification

    Classroom Sound Field Amplification

    Classroom sound field amplification systems have been successfully used to help students with hearing impairments. Recent research has demonstrated that even students with normal hearing ability benefit when these systems are used in their classrooms. This paper describes the basic components of a sound field system and summarizes research related to the benefits that can be realized when classroom amplification is used to support the delivery of effective classroom instruction.

  • Extron Exclusive Flat Field® Speaker Technology

    Extron Exclusive Flat Field® Speaker Technology

    Learning challenges within our school systems are exacerbated by poor acoustics and no or inadequate sound reinforcement. Current day methodologies for creating an even sound field within the classroom, conference room, or boardroom provide mediocre, uneven results. Extron invented a new, patented loudspeaker system called Flat Field Technology that virtually solves the problems associated with designing even, predictable room sound fields.

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