Audio Over IP Interoperability with AES67

Many competing Audio over IP protocols have emerged over the last several years and have been implemented in certain markets by various manufacturers. However, equipment using incompatible Audio over IP protocols often needs to be part of a single system. Without an interoperability standard, designers and integrators have been forced to modify their equipment choices or abandon audio networking altogether, sacrificing the flexibility of an IP solution.

The AES67 standard provides interoperability between the predominant Audio over IP protocols in use today. Developed by the Audio Engineering Society, published as an open standard in 2013, and most recently updated in 2015, AES67 is not an Audio over IP protocol by itself. Rather, it is an interoperability standard that acts as a translator between protocols.

To take advantage of AES67 within a networked audio system, all non-Dante system components must have implemented AES67 on top of their native protocols. Dante devices work together regardless of their AES67 state. Therefore, it is highly advisable to research what is implemented on the specific devices that will interconnect via IP within a design. The chart below illustrates routing compatibility.

  Dante with AES67 enabled
Dante with AES67 enabled OK
Dante without AES67 enabled OK
Non Dante with AES67 OK
Non Dante without AES67 -

AES67-Enabled Products from Extron

Extron offers a full lineup of audio over IP products, using the Dante protocol, that allow AV integrators to include audio networking technology into a variety of applications. They deliver reliable performance and flexibility in the distribution of audio signals, and many additional integrator-friendly features to meet your audio system needs.

For system designs where required devices utilize an audio over IP protocol other than Dante, operating in AES67 mode provides interoperability with other AES67 capable devices on the network.

These Dante-enabled Extron products have additionally implemented AES67:

DMP 128 Plus AT

Extron DMP 128 Plus AT models send out 24 channels of digital audio and can receive 48 channels over a Dante network.

  • DMP 128 Plus AT 12x8 ProDSP Processor w/Dante
  • DMP 128 Plus C AT 12x8 ProDSP Processor w/AEC, and Dante
  • DMP 128 Plus C V AT 12x8 ProDSP Processor w/AEC, VoIP, and Dante
DMP 128 Plus AT Models
DMP 128 Plus AT Models

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