Extron AAPs & MAAPs

One of the most important considerations in any AV system design is deciding how users will interact with and connect to the system. Extron AAP - Architectural Adapter Plates and MAAP - Mini Architectural Adapter Plates are mountable metal plates available in hundreds of models offering popular AV pass-through connectors. Active AAP and MAAP modules are also available for power, control, and long distance signal transmission. These interchangeable components fit together to create an attractive and completely customizable AV connectivity solution.

Extron offers a wide selection of AAPs and MAAPs with audio, video, phone, data, power, and control connectors, along with mounting options for maximum flexibility in placing connectors and controls within reach.

Two Form Factors: AAPs and MAAPs

AAP - Architectural Adapter Plates — AAPs are the larger of the two styles and they hold more connectors. AAPs attach from the rear which makes for a clean looking front face.

MAAP - Mini Architectural Adapter Plates — MAAPs are slightly smaller than AAPs and work well where space is limited. MAAPs feature easy access to mounting screws from the front.

Two Color Options Available

Most AAP and MAAP plates are available in black and white.

Standard Labels and Custom Engraving

Many models are available with silkscreened text indicating common connector types and control functions (e.g., VIDEO, AUDIO, POWER, VOLUME, and more). Extron also offers custom engraving for most models.

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Plate Color

AAP Selector

The Extron Architectural Adapter Plate Selector makes selecting the right AAP or MAAP fast and easy. Use it to narrow your selection and to explore mounting options that meet your needs.

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