Amplifier Energy Usage and Thermal Dissipation

Enter the type and quantity of Extron amplifiers required for your project. This tool will calculate the total input power, heat load, and the required cooling.

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Annual Calculation
INPUT POWER = Watts kW-hr (Annual Calculation)
THERMAL DISSIPATION = BTU/hr 1000 BTU/hr (Annual Calculation)

Extron amplifiers utilize highly efficient Class D designs that draw less power than conventional amplifiers. As ENERGY STAR qualified amplifiers, they also automatically enter a very low power "sleep" mode after 25 minutes in which no signal is present at the input. System designers frequently want to know the energy usage of a rack of amplifiers, as well as how much cooling will be required. Since amplifiers generate significant waste heat, this is a key factor.

This audio tool calculates the total input power draw, thermal dissipation or waste heat, and the required cooling for a collection of amplifiers. Up to four types of Extron amplifiers can be selected from the drop down list. Select the line voltage for the region in which the amplifier will be used, select the type and quantity of amplifiers, select the desired speaker impedance for amplifiers with low impedance outputs, and then press Calculate.

  • Power Draw and Thermal Dissipation figures at 1/8th power output are taken from the individual amplifier product specifications.
  • Cooling Required follows the industry practice of measuring air conditioning cooling capacity in tons. The required capacity is calculated by dividing the BTU/hr heat load by 12,000.
  • Annual Calculation assumes amplifiers are operating for 2,080 hours at 1/8th power, and 6,680 hours in standby mode.