XTP Systems Certified Display Devices

Industry-leading display manufacturers have worked with Extron to certify their displays with XTP Systems to ensure interoperability for twisted pair signal distribution. A listing of Extron XTP Certified models is shown below.

WUX5800 WUX5800Z WUX6600Z WUX6700
WUX7000Z WUX7500
DHD1052 DWU1502 LW502 LW651i
LW751i LWU502 LWU601i LWU701i
CB-2165W CB-2265U CB-5520W CB-5530U
CB-5535U CB-G6070W CB-G6170 CB-G6270W
CB-G6370 CB-G6470WU CB-G6570WU CB-G6770WU
CB-G6870 CB-G6970WU CB-G7000W CB-G7100
CB-G7200W CB-G7400U CB-G7500U CB-G7800
CB-G7805 CB-G7900U CB-G7905U CB-Z10000U
CB-Z10005U CB-Z11000 CB-Z11000W CB-Z11005
CB-Z9750U CB-Z9800W CB-Z9870 CB-Z9870U
CB-Z9875U CB-Z9900W EB-2165W EB-2265U
EB-5520W EB-5530U EB-5535U EB-G6070W
EB-G6170 EB-G6270W EB-G6370 EB-G6470WU
EB-G6570WU EB-G6770WU EB-G6870 EB-G6970WU
EB-G7000W EB-G7100 EB-G7200W EB-G7400U
EB-G7500U EB-G7800 EB-G7805 EB-G7900U
EB-G7905U EB-Z10000U EB-Z10005U EB-Z11000
EB-Z11000W EB-Z11005 EB-Z9750U EB-Z9800W
EB-Z9870 EB-Z9870U EB-Z9875U EB-Z9900W
PowerLite 2165W PowerLite 2265U PowerLite 5520W PowerLite 5530U
PowerLite 5535U PowerLite Pro G6070W PowerLite Pro G6170 PowerLite Pro G6270W
PowerLite Pro G6470WU PowerLite Pro G6570WU PowerLite Pro G6770WU PowerLite Pro G6870
PowerLite Pro G6970WU PowerLite Pro Z10000U PowerLite Pro Z10005U PowerLite Pro Z11000
PowerLite Pro Z11000W PowerLite Pro Z11005 PowerLite Pro Z9750U PowerLite Pro Z9800W
PowerLite Pro Z9870 PowerLite Pro Z9870U PowerLite Pro Z9875U PowerLite Pro Z9900W
Pro G7000W Pro G7100 Pro G7200W Pro G7400U
Pro G7500U Pro G7800 Pro G7805 Pro G7900U
Pro G7905U      

CP-HD9950 CP-HD9950J CP-WU5505 CP-WU5505J
CP-WU5506M CP-WU5506MJ CP-WU8600W CP-WU8600WJ
CP-WU8700B CP-WU8700BJ CP-WU8700W CP-WU8700WJ
CP-WU9100 CP-WU9100J CP-WX5505 CP-WX5505J
CP-WX5506M CP-WX5506MJ CP-WX8650W CP-WX8650WJ
CP-WX8750B CP-WX8750BJ CP-WX8750W CP-WX8750WJ
CP-X5555 CP-X5555J CP-X8800B CP-X8800BJ
CP-X8800W CP-X8800WJ LP-WU9100B TCP-BD1090H
TCP-BD1100U TCP-BL10000U    

MP-WU9101BJ MP-WU9101B MMP-BL1000U MMP-BL1001U
NP-PA653U NP-PA803U NP-PH1202HL1 NP-PX1004UL
NP-PX803UL NP-P502H    
Panasonic® flat panel displays and projectors that feature DIGITAL LINK™ technology can be set to accept signals directly from an XTP matrix switcher or transmitter for streamlined integration. All DIGITAL LINK-enabled products are XTP Certified.
With the optional PN-ZB03H module in the display's expansion slot, the following Sharp® professional LCD monitors are XTP Certified.
PN-R426 PN-R496 PN-R556  
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