Extron's VSC Models Advance the Technology of Scan Conversion

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Anaheim, California (January 15, 1999) - Extron introduces the VSC line of high resolution computer-to-video scan converters. With user-selectable levels of horizontal and vertical filtering, superior color bit depth, autoscanning technology and optional digital output modules, the VSC products provide optimal scan conversion and the best value for any application. The VSC series includes broadcast-quality models: the VSC 300, VSC 300D, VSC 200 and VSC 200D. Also available are new, enhanced professional grade models that implement similar advances: the VSC 100, VSC 100GX, and VSC 50. The needs of any application requiring scan conversion can be met with a VSC unit.

VSC 300 and VSC 300D

The VSC 300 and VSC 300D integrate new design technology with eight levels of horizontal and ten levels of vertical user-selectable filters. Since vertical filtering reduces flicker, and horizontal filtering assures no detail is dropped during scan conversion, the VSC 300 produces the most stable picture available. It autoscans images up to 1600 x 1280 resolution at 100 kHz horizontal and 120 Hz vertical frequency, for compatibility with almost any computer or workstation. Their exceptional pixel clock zoom rate is a key feature for displaying clearer images after zooming in on CAD diagrams, for example. Consequentially, the VSC 300 and VSC 300D produce stunning video, even on zoomed images. The VSC 300 and VSC 300D are RS-232 controllable with Extron's Simple Instruction Set (SIS™) and outputs RGBS/HV as well as component (Y, U, V), S-video and composite video. Full performance variable zoom and H+V size, centering and pan controls also come standard. The VSC 300 and VSC 300D have a scalable output, providing compatibility with VGA/SVGA computer video (including 640 x 480, 800 x 600, 832 x 624, 832 x 480 and 1024 x 768). This capability is crucial when the application demands that computer video from workstations running at high scan rates and resolutions be displayed on LCD, DLP and Plasma which have a lower resolution. In this way, the VSC 300 can be used to view video created on SGI or SUN workstations without having to rely on workstation monitors. Genlock capabilities come standard on the VSC 300 and VSC 300D. So does a memory feature, which allows 16 user presets; an additional 10 are preprogrammed. To facilitate adjustments and controls, a full function LCD on the front panel displays menus and options. The VSC 300D is identical to the VSC 300 but has an added digital video output module. Both models have 24 bit sampling, providing 8 bits per color for 16.8 million colors.

VSC 200 and VSC 200D

The VSC 200 and VSC 200D have four user-selectable levels of horizontal filtering so that no detail is dropped during scan conversion. Five user-selectable levels of vertical filtering are also available to eliminate flicker and improve picture quality. The VSC 200 and VSC 200D autoscan resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 and frequencies up to 70 kHz horizontal and 120 Hz vertical. Both models output broadcast quality video and have an increased pixel clock zoom rate to reduce jagged edges on zoomed images. The VSC 200 has similar outputs and features as the VSC 300, except that the 200 models cannot output scalable computer video. The VSC 200D has an added digital output module but is otherwise the same as the VSC 200.

VSC 100 and VSC 100GX

The VSC 100 and VSC 100GX autoscan images up to 1024 x 768 resolution at 50 kHz frequency horizontal and 120 Hz vertical frequency, whether for purposes of video recording, videoconferencing or viewing the image on an NTSC or PAL display device. Designed for converting PC and MAC images, the VSC 100 and VSC 100GX have composite, S-video and RGBS/HV outputs. The VSC 100 has two user-selectable levels of horizontal and vertical filtering. Its zoom function is accessed from a three-position switch providing overscan, underscan and 2x zoom. In the zoom mode, the horizontal and vertical shift controls become variable pan controls, allowing detailed imaging and panning of the picture. This can be of critical importance when showing detailed images during a videoconferencing session. The VSC 100GX model is identical to the VSC 100, except it also features a component (Y, U, V) output and a genlock option which locks the video output of the scan converter to the sync generators of devices to which it is connected. This feature is especially useful in switching applications or anytime video equipment must be perfectly synchronized.

VSC 50

The VSC 50 autoscans computer images up to 832 x 624, horizontal scan rates up to 48 kHz and vertical scan rates up to 120 Hz. The VSC 50's compact size, professional-quality output, and technological features make it the ideal scan converter for these applications: traveling presentations, classroom displays, video recording, and videoconferencing. The VSC 50 offers increased performance, easier operation, and improved features that provide the user with superior control over image quality. The two user-selectable levels of vertical filtering help reduce flicker. The VSC 50 features freeze frame as well as a two-setting size switch-overscan or underscan can be selected for greater control over the image displayed. Horizontal and vertical controls center or shift the image. 24-bit color sampling provides 8 bits per color for accurate 16.8 million color reproduction. The VSC 50 features a 100-240 volt, 50/60 Hz, internal power supply.

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