Voice over IP

DMP Plus Series V models include up to eight VoIP lines, with wideband codec support, that can be configured as individual extensions or with multiple call appearance channels to support local conferencing applications. Compatible with select VoIP systems, these models can be used for a single VoIP line or as a VoIP farm for up to eight rooms.

Network-specific VoIP configuration such as call server registration, Virtual LAN (VLAN) provisioning, Quality of Service (QoS), and traversal of Network Address Translation (NAT) is managed through a dedicated VoIP configuration webpage, where SIP transaction log and advanced diagnostic tools are also available. This segregation of VoIP configuration allows IT and network administrators to effectively manage the VoIP aspect of DMP Plus devices without the need to develop a detailed knowledge of audio DSP configuration. The inclusion of LLDP-MED technology allows the DMP Plus to automatically obtain and apply advanced network configurations when connected to a compliant VoIP infrastructure.

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