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Student watching an online class at home

It is often difficult for instructors to make sure every student in the classroom can hear them clearly. Sound is a critical aspect of classroom instruction, enabling students to actively engage by attentively listening to both their teacher and fellow classmates. With today’s flexible learning approaches, ensuring equitable audio distribution has become crucial to reach students at the back of the room, as well as those participating remotely.

To address this need, the Extron VoiceLift Pro microphone system offers an effective and cost-efficient solution for classroom amplification. By seamlessly disseminating the teacher’s voice throughout the entire space, including virtual attendees, this system not only mitigates the risk of vocal strain, but also ensures that every student can readily comprehend the lessons being taught.

Student watching an online class at home

The VoiceLift Pro microphone system allows instructors to be heard by amplifying their natural speaking voice and distributing it throughout the room.

The VoiceLift Pro System’s lightweight pendant microphone picks up the instructor’s voice, boosts volume and clarity through a DSP-equipped amplifier and delivers consistent sound to every student with only two Flat Field speakers in a typical size classroom.

VoiceLift Advantage

VoiceLift Pro voice reinforcement in the classroom provides clear advantages for instructors and students.

  • Better intelligibility for listeners in every corner of the room, and remote participants.
  • Less voice strain for instructors.
  • Simple, economical installation with a minimum complement of Flat Field speakers.
  • Start and stop lecture capture recordings and streaming with push of a button on the pendant microphone.
  • Instant Alert button on the pendant microphone enables the instructor to discreetly summon assistance to the classroom.

Solutions for All Your Teaching Options

Whatever your plans for resumption of instruction, Extron AV technology can pave the way:

Illustration of students under the Flat Filed Speaker sound waves.

Classroom Instruction

VoiceLift Pro Wireless Microphone System for classroom voice amplification
  • Multi-input amplifier boosts the instructor's voice and accommodates other classroom audio program sources.
  • Patented Flat Field speakers for consistent sound levels across the listening area with fewer speakers.
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  • VoiceLift Systems and PlenumVault Digital Systems share the same core components. Simply and economically upgrade from one to the other for a complete classroom AV solution, including voice reinforcement.
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Illustration of students under the Flat Filed Speaker sound waves.
Illustration of students in class in-person and in the classroom.
In Classroom

Hybrid Classroom and Remote Learning

In the Classroom - VoiceLift Pro Wireless Microphone System for classroom voice amplification
Remote Learning - Extron lecture capture and streaming solution
  • SMP Streaming Media Processors record classroom sessions and stream them live or on-demand.
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  • MediaPort 200 HDMI to USB bridge integrates your classroom AV system to conferencing applications like Zoom, allowing remote students to interact with those in the classroom as if there in person.
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Illustration of students in class in-person and in the classroom.
In Classroom

Extron Stands Ready to Help You Make Your
Instruction Successful

Today’s staff are presented with many challenges. Whether teaching in-person or virtually, it’s important that voice intelligibility and voice fatigue is not one of them.

  • Equip every classroom with a VoiceLift Pro Microphone System.
  • Make sure every instructor has their own personal VoiceLift Pro pendant mic so they can be heard - Safely.
  • Setup your classrooms to support remote learners.

Check out our cost-effective options for every classroom situation:


Extron's friendly and knowledgeable Education Support Team is always ready to assist with product or application questions, technical support, and system design advice. You can be confident that our highly trained staff will provide you with the resources and support you need. Contact the Extron Education Support Team.

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