VNR 100

VN-Matrix Single Channel Recorder

The VNR 100 digitally records and plays back high-definition computer graphics, video, audio, and data streamed in VN‑Matrix® systems. It can record and play back at the same time, increasing duty cycles for expensive source equipment and presentation systems by utilizing both recording and play back features simultaneously. The time-slip feature allows a live event to be recorded while a previous event is played back, and the chase-play feature allows a recording in progress to be streamed with a time-shifted delay. VN‑Matrix systems can be configured with multiple VNR 100 units to record and play back synchronized multi-source AV presentations or multi-screen display systems.

The VNR 100 is used in applications with the most demanding quality and performance requirements and is ideal for customers with expensive, high resolution imagery from sophisticated, valuable cameras, sensors, and visualization equipment. Applications such as Command and Control, AAR, Training and Simulation, Distance Medical Collaboration, Advanced Presentation Systems, and Visualization benefit from the recording of high quality visual data for education and training, event documentation, or forensic analysis.

Key Features

  • Simultaneously record and play back VN‑Matrix AV streams
  • Time-shift playback capabilities support time slip or chase play
  • Transport controls include: play, pause, single frame forward or back, play or jump back at 2x 4x 8x speed
  • System scalability - create multi-channel recording systems using multiple VNR 100 units
  • Synchronize playback across multiple VNR 100 units
  • PURE3® codec — provides visually lossless compression, efficient bit rates, and absolute frame encoding supporting
  • Removable storage
VNR 100 Diagram
VNR 100 Diagram

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