VN-Matrix Series

Real-Time High Resolution AV Streaming Over IP

Prix InfoComm 2011

Extron VN-Matrix® encoders and decoders enable real-time transmission of high resolution audio visual content, including RGB, DVI, and SDI/HD-SDI signals, across standard IP networks for live viewing, collaboration, storage, and playback. With the highly scalable VN-Matrix system, you can turn your IP network into a virtual routing matrix switcher that is practically limitless in size and geographic reach. VN-Matrix applies Extron’s PURE3® Codec, a unique wavelet-based compression technology, that offers several key distinctive advantages:

Low Latency

Low delay or low latency delivery of audio and video are essential to support natural, two-way communication, collaborative interaction, or device control.

High Quality

Offers visually lossless picture quality for large projected images and high resolution graphics.

Low Bit Rates

Advanced compression techniques yield very high quality images at low bit rates, while error concealment provides immunity to network errors.

VN-Matrix Series

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