Extron AV Switching, Streaming, and Sound Systems Augment Lab Studies at VinUniversity

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Extron and VinUniversity
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Anaheim, California (July 13, 2022) - The not-for-profit VinUniversity in the Gia Lam district of Hanoi, Vietnam, has a mission to educate and develop the talents and skills of Vietnam’s youth, as well as provide in-country career paths. The campus buildings include lecture halls, classrooms, labs, meeting and multipurpose rooms, a medical simulation center, and a technologically enhanced library. The university uses new training methods and technologies to help students learn to be proactive in mastering teamwork and soft skills across a broad range of career paths. Rooms and spaces incorporate high-performance AV signal switching and streaming capabilities, robust sound systems, and user-friendly control. Integration firm Hoang Minh Investment Technology Joint-stock Company installed Extron products to fulfill VinUniversity’s varied requirements.

“We did our utmost to give VinUniversity the best solution in terms of features and cost,” says Nguyen Truong Giang, Vice Director at Hoang Minh Investment Technology JSC. “Working closely with the administration, the professors, and the staff, we were able create AV systems with Extron products that are both fully functional and comfortable for the university users to operate.”

VinUniversity’s Building G houses multiple state-of-the-art labs as well as various support rooms and meeting spaces. The three stories of labs support a range of studies, from engineering and robotics to anatomy and chemistry. Two of the largest are super labs, each having an extensive number of displays and an independent Extron AV matrix switching and distribution system. AV systems include either the XTP II CrossPoint 1600 modular matrix switcher or a DXP HD 4K PLUS 16x8 matrix switcher and extension over DTP, depending on room needs. Extron ShareLink Pro 500 collaboration gateways facilitate wireless connectivity for the instructor and staff from any point within the labs. To address acoustics concerns in the highly reflective lab surfaces, an Extron DMP 128 Plus audio processor is at the heart of each sound system. The ProDSP processor supports mixing of live instruction and workstation microphones with the program audio, as well as ensures clear audio for streamed and archived recordings. SME 211 encoders stream content that can include different resolutions and bit rates. The encoders also provide independent stream control, enhancing system flexibility.

The Extron XTP, DXP, DTP, and audio systems provide all of the required features and capabilities while staying within the lab building’s budget for initial outlay and scheduled maintenance.

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