Extron Videowall Systems Design Guide

For Professional AV Systems

With the ability to display a multitude of sources across a tiled array of displays, videowalls produce some of the biggest images in the AV industry. First appearing in the late 1980s, videowalls found a home in public spaces such as retail environments and museums. Throughout the following decades, their function shifted from entertainment and advertising to powerful centerpieces in work environments, where visual content could be shared for critical analysis and decision-making.

Extron offers multiple videowall processing solutions including the WindoWall® System, a robust solution for managing multiple video and graphic sources on display systems with two or more screens, and the industry-leading Quantum® Series videowall processors, which provide scalable solutions for installations ranging from small retail displays up to large, mission-critical command and control facilities, and anything in between. Quantum Ultra, featuring support for single-path 4K signals, Vector 4K scaling, and the future-ready HyperLane video bus, is the latest addition to the Quantum product line.

While videowalls continue to grow in popularity, many AV integrators can find themselves new to the task of designing and integrating these unique display systems. By understanding each element of a videowall system, as well as the physical aspects of the environments in which videowalls are used, you can avoid common pitfalls in videowall design.

This Guide will be an invaluable reference to AV professionals who specify videowalls, whether frequently or infrequently. Basic videowall concepts such as operating environments, processor features, and system control are discussed, as well as more complex topics such as room design, font scaling and readability, and production tips for unique videowall applications. Experienced designers will find useful technical references and visual illustrations that will aid in communicating or comprehending technical topics that can be unique to videowall systems. Several real-world designs provide examples of how the sources, videowall processor, displays, and control system all come together to create a powerful visual tool for boardrooms, simulation environments, command and control rooms, and more.

Over the past three decades, videowalls have evolved from a new technology into an essential component for a growing number of AV environments. In the years to come, Extron will continue to deliver superior videowall processing products that fulfill the unique requirements of videowall applications, while providing the most comprehensive education, service, and support the industry has to offer.

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