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University of Nevada, Reno Keeps Students Informed with Extron WindoWall ® Processing for Videowalls

The Joe Crowley Student Union building at the University of Nevada, Reno in the Sierra Nevada Mountains is named after the college’s longest serving president. The building students call "The Joe" offers a wide variety of recreational, social, educational and cultural services and activities. To help publicize those services and activities, showcase the building’s various vendors, and announce upcoming movies in the Student Union theater, the school hired local AV integrator Diversified Systems International to install a videowall on the Union’s third floor.

UNR is extremely happy with the Extron WindoWall and with the user friendly software interface.

Duane Lee, DSI Sales Representative

Multiple Video Sources

One of the requirements was that the videowall be able to simultaneously display video signals from multiple sources and resolutions at the native resolution of the display. DSI Sales Representative Duane Lee chose NEC’s 2x2 video display package with 46 inch, 1366x768 LCD displays, and then turned to Extron Electronics for the ideal signal processing solution: Extron’s WindoWall scalable multi-graphic processing system. "I had used Extron for previous projects, and liked the support we received." says Lee. "Any time we had a question about a product or an installation the guys at Extron were available and very patient with us."

Extron WindoWall Processing System for Videowalls

WindoWall uses Extron’s Wizard-based WindoWall Console software as the user interface, facilitating intuitive control and configuration, and enabling the creation of presentations with multiple, independent windows for displaying graphics, HDTV, and video. In addition, WindoWall features Graphic Still Store, which enables the university to display the school logo as a background image on the display; Auto-Image™ setup; Ethernet monitoring and control; and 99 memory presents, which gives the user flexibility with videowall layout configurations. "They can easily pick and choose layouts and sources," says Lee.

A Tight Budget

"We designed the system to include four WindoWall Processors for the four displays in the videowall," says DSI’s Lee. Extron usually recommends using a matrix switcher to route multiple signals to a WindoWall system. However, because of budgetary constraints, DSI chose instead to use two Extron P/2 DA4xi VGA distribution amplifiers and a DA4 RGBHV distribution amplifier to send signals from three sources directly to the WindoWall Processors. The university plans to eventually add an Extron matrix switcher to handle additional video and audio sources.

"The installation was smooth and quick," says UNR Technology Services Coordinator Deaon Clausell. "The Extron equipment was installed within a day and commissioned the following day."

An Electronic Menu of Activities

"UNR is extremely happy with the WindoWall, and the user friendly software interface," Lee says. Thanks to DSI, and to Extron’s WindoWall technology, UNR Students now have a constantly updated, high resolution, electronic menu of Student Union services and activities.

Extron’s WindoWall System Powering the Student Union Videowall
Extron’s WindoWall System Powering the Student Union Videowall
Equipment Rack with Extron P/2 DA4xi and DA4 RGBHV Distribution Amplifiers and WindoWall Processors
Equipment Rack with Extron P/2 DA4xi and DA4 RGBHV Distribution Amplifiers and WindoWall Processors