University - GVE Monitoring Application


The university is preparing to install new AV technology on campus. Each of the 140 classrooms will be equipped with identical AV and control equipment. Every classroom has a high definition projector and three sources: a PC, a laptop, and a high definition TV tuner. A local, wall-mounted control solution is required. It will be mounted on the wall near each podium. The control system will control input switching, screen control, and system power. A robust and scalable AV resource management solution is needed to simplify AV system service and support for the classrooms.

Solution Needs Assessment


The AV system needs be able to be operated with little or no training. Instructors will teach throughout campus, requiring a consistent control interface that is familiar and easy to operate.

Sources and Connectivity

In each room, there are inputs for one laptop, one PC, and one high definition ATSC tuner. All sources will be scaled.

Control Interface

A wall-mounted controller will allow the user to switch between inputs, change tuner channels, adjust volume, and control projector power on/off and projection screen up/down. The controller will communicate with the AV resource management server over the Ethernet.

Display and Audio Requirements

One 1920 x 1080 resolution projector. All audio will be routed through the scaler and played through ceiling-mounted speakers.

Special Requirements

When the room is unoccupied for a long period of time, the controller should automatically switch the controlled devices to standby mode. The system should automatically power the system ON and OFF at the start and end of each business day as well as report the status to the AV resource management server.

System Design Solution

Control System Configuration

This system requires the basic capabilities of Global Configurator, including: Certified Drivers, Monitors.

Resource Management and System Monitoring

This system requires the advanced Resource Management capabilities of GlobalViewer® Enterprise.

Control System

An MLC 226 IP will serve as the core of this system and will be capable of controlling the projector, the scaler, the cable TV HD tuner as well as the projection screen. This controller will be mounted in the wall adjacent to the podium and from there, the user will be able to select between the laptop, PC, and the TV tuner. Additionally, when the cable TV HD tuner is selected, the user should be able to switch channels. Extron’s GlobalViewer® Enterprise will be used for centralized AV management of all the 140 classrooms in this university.

Powerful AV System Management

GlobalViewer Enterprise is a powerful management tool. It augments the capabilities of Extron’s GlobalViewer Web application without replacing it, making the transition more familiar and less time-consuming. Features like data logging and reporting, third-party scheduling system integration, etc. are much appreciated by the AV/IT support teams. The interface offers a view of the entire university in a single window and access to detailed room data is just a click of a mouse away. The Help Desk view offers instant real-time status information and the ability to remotely control any room, including rooms controlled by other third-party control systems.

The iGVE app will allow support staff to effectively manage and control large-scale AV installations using an Apple® iPhone or iPod touch. iGVE is an easy-to-use, mobile device application that provides a powerful feature set comprised of all the most common GVE monitoring, control, and helpdesk functions.


The three sources within each classroom system are an Extron AVT 200HD cable TV HD Tuner, a PC, and a laptop. All these sources will be connected to the projector via an IN1508 scaler, which will provide a 1080p signal for the projector.


The system will utilize a high definition projector and a low voltage controlled projection screen for displaying the sources. An RS-232 controllable projector is required so that the controller can send power control commands and receive status using a bidirectional communication line.


The audio from all the sources will be played back through the Extron MPA 401 Mini Power Amplifier and the Extron FF 220T Flat Field Ceiling Speakers. Volume control of the amplifier will be made possible by passing all the audio via the IN1508 scaling presentation switcher which will be controlled and monitored via a bidirectional RS-232 communication line from MLC 226 IP.