TLC Pro 521M

5” Wall Mount TouchLink Pro Controller

The Extron TLC Pro 521M is a convenient, all-in-one 5” wall mount touchpanel with a built-in control processor. This easy to use, fully-configurable TouchLink controller combines a vibrant touchscreen with powerful AV system control and enhanced security. The TLC Pro 521M borrows the highly-responsive, capacitive touchscreen from our TLP Pro 520M TouchLink Pro Touchpanel, and adds a secure, powerful control processor, producing a feature-packed touchpanel controller in a compact form factor. For ease of integration, Power over Ethernet – PoE allows the controller to receive power and communications over a single Ethernet cable. The TLC Pro 521M is ideal for classrooms, boardrooms, or any presentation environment requiring the visual appeal of a touchpanel and the control options found within Extron control processors.

Key Features

  • 5" capacitive touchscreen with 800x480 resolution and 16 million colors
  • Built-in control processor — Optimized for environments where component space may be a concern.
  • One bidirectional RS-232 port — Dedicated port for communicating with virtually any device via RS-232.
  • Two relays for controlling room functions — Enables control of lighting, screen settings, and other device functions.
  • One IR/Serial port for one-way control of external devices
  • One digital input — Allows for a connection with a variety of devices, such as sensors, switches, and relays.
  • Power over Ethernet allows the controller to receive power and communications over a single Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for a local power supply - PoE injector sold separately
  • Supports Ethernet-controllable devices:
    • Up to 4 devices with GC Plus
    • Up to 8 devices with GC Pro
TLC Pro 521M
TLC Pro 521M
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