Extron Launches Online SMX Matrix Configurator

  • Public relations contact:
  • Joe da Silva, Vice President of Marketing
  • Extron
  • E-mail: pr@extron.com
Anaheim, California (February 24, 2009) - Extron is pleased to announce that the SMX Matrix Configurator is now online and ready to use at www.extron.com. This configuration utility allows the virtual configuration of the Extron SMX System MultiMatrix Modular Multi-Plane Matrix Switchers with the click of a mouse. The SMX Matrix Configurator's dynamic, interface makes system customization easy. As each SMX is configured, a running price total and price list reflects the changes in the system design. System designs can be ordered online, saved for later recall, printed, or exported to Microsoft Excel®. Extron resellers can order configured systems online through the Extron Reseller-only Web site.

"The modular SMX Frame design and extensive range of available matrix boards and I/O sizes makes the SMX System MultiMatrix one of our most versatile products ever," says Lee Dodson, Vice President of Marketing for Extron. "This simple yet powerful configuration tool makes it easy to create and order SMX System MultiMatrixes for virtually any analog or digital signal routing need"

The SMX Matrix Configurator features:

Point-and-click or drag-and-drop simplicity - Creates any I/O or signal format combination using simple point-and-click or drag-and-drop movements of the mouse

Dynamic parts list and price total - Automatically maintains a list of part numbers for the SMX Frame and matrix boards selected, and a running total of the as-configured price

Single, as-built part number - Provides a unique part number for each SMX configuration you order, simplifying the process for future orders of the same configuration

Save and Recall - SMX configurations can be saved and recalled at a later date

Print - Creates an as-configured drawing and bill of materials for system documentation or client approval requirements

Export to Excel® - SMX pricing, part number, model names, and descriptions can be exported to Microsoft Excel for billing, tracking, or archive purposes

Order online - Once configured to your specifications, the SMX System MultiMatrix can be ordered online through the Extron Reseller-only Web site

The SMX System MultiMatrix Series of multi-plane matrix switchers combines multiple, independent analog and digital matrix switchers in a truly modular, field-configurable frame. SMX frames are available in sizes up to 5U, capable of supporting up to 10 separate matrix boards which can be switched independently or simultaneously, all under a single point of control. The SMX combines the proven reliability and high performance of Extron's popular CrossPoint, MAV Plus, HDXP Plus, and MVX Series matrix switchers with the efficiency of a modular matrix switcher design. The SMX System is an ideal choice for medical imaging systems, conference and training facilities, and other mid-sized applications that require the switching of different signal types and a cost-effective upgrade path for ongoing I/O or signal format changes.

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