SMP 111

Single Channel H.264 Streaming Media Processor

The SMP 111 is a high performance recording and streaming processor for capturing and distributing AV sources and presentations as live streaming and recorded media. The SMP 111 accepts an HDMI signal with embedded audio and an analog audio signal. Extron high performance scaling and flexible signal processing enable superior display of content of varying resolutions from computers and HDTV sources. The SMP 111 supports extensive streaming capabilities, it can record and stream simultaneously, with independent resolutions and bit rates using a range of transport protocols and session management options. Recording with the SMP 111 provides easy capture of live HDMI signals to an internal flash drive and external USB drives. Requiring no licensing fees, the SMP 111 is a compact, flexible, and cost-effective solution for streaming and recording content.

The SMP 111 is complemented by Entwine™ Enterprise Media Platform. This platform is used to administer users, groups, and recordings produced by the SMP 111. Entwine EMP also processes the recorded media into file packages that provide a data-rich playback experience using the Entwine VideoLounge™ player, a browser-based media player that can be operated from virtually any computer or mobile device.

Optional RCP 101 Series remote control panels can extend both front panel control as well as USB connectivity for thumb drive recording media. Available in decorator-style, MK, and EU versions; the EU version is compatible with Flex55 enclosures. The included USB and power cables from the SMP 111 provide up to 15 feet (4.5 meters) of extension to the transport controls and USB port. Alternately, a USB extension such as Extron’s USB Extender Plus series can provide up to 330 feet (100 meters) between the remote control panel and the SMP 111.

The SMP 111 is ideal for applications that require simple recording of a single video signal with audio and metadata. It provides MP4 or M4V file format recordings integrated with metadata, chapter and event marking. It is also ideal for applications that require live streaming to remote participants. The SMP 111 can be adapted to many applications, documenting virtually any meeting, conference, or activity that uses an AV source as a reference. The SMP 111 is ideal for use in corporate, education, government, and rental and staging applications. Applications include:

  • Presentation Recording: Document presentations and replay them for absent participants

  • Lecture Capture: Record and publish educational courses onto learning management systems

  • Enterprise Training Systems: Archive training material and publish for on-demand access

  • Visual Data Recording: Document technical systems that use AV data

  • Event Rehearsal: Practice and evaluate rehearsals and presentations

Key Features

  • Process live, high resolution HDMI video and audio with metadata
  • Record and stream simultaneously
  • High quality scaling with aspect ratio control, size, and position
  • Produces MP4 media files that are compatible with virtually any media player
  • Automatic file uploading
  • RTMP streaming protocol supports popular third party hosting services
SMP 111

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