New Extron SME 211 Provides High Performance Streaming Capabilities in a Compact Package

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New Extron SME 211 Provides High Performance Streaming Capabilities in a Compact Package
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Anaheim, California (February 7, 2018) - Extron is pleased to introduce the SME 211, a high performance H.264 streaming media encoder for distributing audio and video signals over IP networks. The SME 211 accepts an HDMI signal with embedded audio and an analog audio signal. Extron high performance scaling and flexible signal processing facilitate superior image quality for content from computers, cameras, and other HD sources. The SME 211 supports unicast and multicast streaming protocols, including RTMP for streaming directly to major Content Delivery Networks – CDNs, or social media platforms such as FaceBook and YouTube. The SME 211 can stream at two different resolutions and bit rates concurrently supporting a total of up to six simultaneous streams with push and pull encoding. Built in audio mixing and DSP features enable enhanced audio processing without requiring external mixing and DSP equipment.

"In response to requests from customers, we’ve continued to expand our line of H.264 streaming products with the addition of the SME 211, a user-friendly streaming media encoder supporting live streams to social media platforms such as YouTube and FaceBook Live," says Casey Hall, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Extron. "Its rich feature set and high-quality video encoding ensure reliable live streaming with superior image quality to any destination."

The SME 211 is ideal for applications that require multiple simultaneous, independent streams, each with individual control of streaming protocol, bit rate, and stream resolutions. The dual encode functionality supports streaming at high resolution to an SMD-series decoder in an overflow room while concurrently streaming at a lower resolution for remote viewing applications. A range of streaming transport protocols and session management methods are supported. These capabilities provide flexibility to stream from the SME 211 to a variety of devices in different system configurations and network conditions.

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